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Twitter widens experiment that turns favorites into retweets

Twitter likes to try out new features on a limited number of users before rolling it out to everyone – or ditching it entirely. Its latest experiment involves retweeting users' favorited posts, bringing extra (possibly unwanted) content…
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Sobrr is the latest social network where everything disappears

Ever posted something on Twitter or Facebook that you've later regretted? Not a problem with Sobrr, where everything is programmed to automatically expire after a period of 24 hours.
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Facebook tests a satire tag to help you spot fake news

If you need a little extra help distinguishing cold hard fact from satirical fiction, Facebook is automatically labelling some spoof articles with a "satire" tag once they've been visited.

Twitter working to change its policies following Zelda Williams’ harassment

Following Zelda Williams' harassment on Twitter following her father's death, Twitter announced that it will alter its policies to better address similar situations.

Twitter brings verified users closer together with new features

Twitter's exclusive group of blue-badged tweeters can now receive alerts to let them know when another verified user has started following them, and also filter their followers to bring up verified ones only.

Twitter starts testing promoted videos in ad expansion

Twitter said Tuesday it's started to test promoted videos on its service. The new style of ad, which appears in a user's timeline, will not autoplay but instead can be viewed by tapping the play button.

Here’s how to remove the Facebook Color Changer malware

If you recently downloaded an app that claimed to allow you to change the color of your Facebook profile, you need to read this.
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Parody Twitter account accused of planting white flag on Brooklyn Bridge

Parody Twitter account Bicycle Lobby received a subpoena from the District Attorney's office in New York for a sarcastic tweet the account posted that was related to white flags being found on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Feast your eyes on these artful dishes from world’s top restaurants a la Instagram

Ever wonder what makes the world's top restaurants "the best?" If Instagram photos are any indication, is that visual presentations play a big part besides taste.
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Pinterest adds the ability to chat privately about a specific pin

Definitely a useful feature to open a discussion about a specific photo, Pinterest has launched a new feature called Conversations that provides a direct messaging service between active users.

Pope calls Internet, smartphones, and TV a “distraction” from what’s really important

Pope Francis has said that smartphones, the Internet, and television is a distraction from what's important, and that many young people waste too many hours on these pastimes.