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Paris attacks: Facebook puts its ‘Safety Check’ feature into action

Facebook activated its Safety Check feature on Friday night following multiple terror attacks across Paris. The service gives Facebook users with friends in the city an easy way to check up on their safety.
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The Amazing Race goes viral, casting YouTube and Vine stars for new season

The new season of CBS' The Amazing Race features a cast of social media stars from Youtube, Vine and Instagram.

Nikon names New York the 2015 top state for autumn photography

Through a campaign involving crowdsourcing and social media, Nikon received over 2,000 submissions which it used in determining that New York was the top state in the country for photographing fall foliage.
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Facebook Instant Articles aren't doing that well, and publishers aren't pleased about it

Not everything Facebook touches turns to gold. Facebook Instant articles has now drawn the ire of heavy-hitting publishing partners like the Washington Post and The New York Times.
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Artist creates thousands of fake Facebook profiles to fight ‘user commodification’

Artist Constant Dullaart creates thousands of fake Facebook profiles by using the names of dead 18th-century soldiers to address Facebook policies and point out how the platform commodifies user identities.
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Facebook enables 360-degree video for iOS and Gear VR

Facebook has enabled 360-degree video support for iOS and, for those ambitious enough to adopt virtual reality early, Samsung's Gear VR. Only a few select content producers can upload 360-degree video at this time.
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Should you pay someone to manage your breakup for you?

Apps and online services such as The Breakup Shop aim to manage the last and sometimes worst phase of dating, but haven't yet figured out how to handle the emotional part of breaking up.

Developer behind malware app InstaAgent says there’s nothing to worry about

A third-party Instagram app promising to show who's viewing your profile has been exposed as malware. The app, InstaAgent, steals the supplied login data and sends it to a server, then may attempt to post pictures to your account.

Thinking about Tinder? With its latest updates, now’s the perfect time

On Wednesday, Tinder released a number of product updates and improvements, among which are job and education information on profiles and an improved messaging experience. These features "were the two most popular requests from users."
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LinkedIn has built a tool to help it stop sending out so many emails

LinkedIn is well known for sending out tons of emails to users, a situation that landed it in court recently. Apparently keen to finally deal with the matter, the social network has just unveiled a new system it promises will help cut its…
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Social media data may help detect and prevent food illness outbreaks

The FSA in the UK uses social media hashtags and images indicating sickness to detect, track, and monitor data with the hope of catching and addressing food poisoning sooner to prevent widespread outbreaks.
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No thanks, Facebook: Here’s how to permanently delete your account

Follow these steps to delete your Facebook account permanently.