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Vine shows off favorite videos in first birthday celebration

It's Vine's first birthday today and by way of celebration the team behind the short-video app has pulled together 18-minutes' worth of its favorite material (that's 180 Vines), showcasing some of the best six-second snippets to date.
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Man shares his own wanted picture on Facebook, arrested shortly after

Definitely a stupid way to attract attention when wanted for assault, a Pennsylvania man thought it would be a brilliant idea to taunt the local police by sharing his own mug shot on Facebook.
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Tivo survey indicates second screen still playing second fiddle

TiVo released the results of a new Social Media and Multi-tasking survey the company finished in November of last year. Among the results were the revelations that most people don't multitask often when they watch, an interesting finding…
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Facebook pays $33k to security researcher for finding, reporting huge bug in social network

Facebook handed out its biggest bug bounty yet, giving a Brazilian computer programmer $33,500 for finding a potentially devastating bug. But he vows to keep searching and rid the social network of more bugs, he tells Digital Trends.
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Snapchat unveils new anti-hacking tactic that it hopes will close security loophole [UPDATED]

Snapchat has a new anti-hacker tactic to prevent abuses. That's certainly a good sign for the app, which is prone to security mishaps. A less-good sign: The hacker who helped them develop the tool has publicly denounced the company.
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Facebook, Twitter, Google just say no to marijuana ads

Even though marijuana is now legal in Washington and Colorado, major Web companies including Google, Facebook, and Twitter are not letting weed-related businesses advertise online.
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Best Vine accounts to follow

Vine is one of the more peculiar social media fads but it can be a great way to waste some time. Here is a list of the best Vine accounts you aren't following yet but should be.
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Facebook adjusts Newsfeed to make updates from Pages better, prefers links over plain text

Facebook adjusted the way it promotes Pages in the Newsfeed, choosing to privilege posts that include link-sharing instead of posts that just have text. But big-name Pages users, including Justin Bieber's team, have already figured that…
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Instagram is growing faster than Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest combined

A global survey indicates that Instagram continues to grow faster than competitors. It also underscores Facebook's continued dominance – even if teens are leaving, Mark Zuckerberg's company is still killing it.

Spotify launches merchandise feature, lets artists sell from profile page

Spotify has teamed up with entertainment marketing company Topspin to allow musicians using the music-streaming service to sell merchandise on their artist profile pages, with neither company taking a cut of any sales made.
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Email is 40 times more effective for marketers than Facebook and Twitter, survey says

If you want to tell everyone how you're feeling or share a link, social networks are the way to go. But if you want to acquire customers, email is still a better tool – for now – according to a survey.
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Dogecoin users raise $30,000 to send Jamaican bobsled team to Winter Olympics

Fun-loving users of the Dogecoin virtual currency just helped make Winter Olympics history – by raising more than $30,000 worth of Dogecoin to help fund the Jamaican bobsled team’s trip to the Game in Sochi, Russia