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Will Facebook succeed in luring journalists away from Twitter?

Facebook's new Signal feature is an attempt to lure journalists away from Twitter, but is it going to work? Twitter as a quick-fire platform for breaking news is currently a favorite among journalists.

Freemium game developer reveals the dirty truths behind in-app purchases

An anonymous producer of free to play mobile games has pulled back the curtain on the creepy and invasive data mining that publishers use to manipulate players into making as many in-app purchases as possible.
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Social media madness: Bush tweets, joins Vine during CNN’s presidential debate

Social media is a huge part of politics these days, so much so that Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush was actually tweeting and joining social networks while simultaneously debating on national television.
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Snapchat partners with Burberry to premiere fashion house’s next collection

Burberry has done a deal with Snapchat to launch its 2016 spring/summer collection exclusively on the service. Called the Snapchat Show, content including photos and videos will go live at 2pm ET this Sunday, before, of course, vanishing 24…
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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others pledge support for student arrested over homemade clock

High school student Ahmed Mohamed's arrest over a homemade clock has generated international headlines and a torrent of high-profile support on social media: Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, ant others.
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Snapchat rolls out first in-app purchase: 99 cents for more Replays

Snapchat's latest money-making scheme is to start charging for extra Replays so Snapchatters can take another peek at a message before it permanently disappears. Costing 99 cents for three Replays, the feature marks the startup's first…
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Facebook reverses course, will soon introduce a ‘dislike’ button

Facebook has long maintained that a "dislike" button is unnecessary, but it's changing course. The social network will soon roll out a dislike button to a limited subset of users.
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Wanna donate to your favorite candidate’s campaign? Do it on Twitter with Square

Twitter and Square want to make it even easier for you to support your favorite presidential candidate by introducing the $Cashtag, a unique URL campaigns can now use to request donations from supporters.
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Facebook is taking a stand against hate speech in Germany

Now, after the appearance of a barrage of venomous Facebook tirades aimed against refugees and migrants seeking asylum in Germany, the social media giant is finally taking a stand against such vitriol.

Net neutrality doesn’t violate Bill of Rights, FCC says

In a new filing, the FCC has asserted that the First Amendment does not apply to ISPs and that new net neutrality rules do not violate any of those companies' constitutional rights.

More ‘Buy’ buttons coming to Twitter after Stripe simplifies mobile payments

Twitter users look set to see more "Buy" buttons in their feeds after online payments startup Stripe launched a new service that lets merchants more easily sell their products via tweets.