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Now you can host a virtual yard sale on Facebook with its new buy and sell feature

Facebook opens up an eBay-like marketplace where members of groups can buy and sell items. The new feature is reminiscent of Craigslist or eBay, and opens Facebook up to the world of Internet commerce.
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Periscope breaks away from Twitter, lets you sign up using just your phone number

Periscope has just made it a whole lot easier for smartphone owners to start using the livestreaming app. Until today you needed a Twitter account to get going, but all that's required now is a mobile number.
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With activities for all to see, courts could use social media exploits as evidence

You might want to lock down those privacy settings if you have a personal injury claim. Social media can (and could) be used against you to decide the case, lawyers say.
Movies & TV

Snapchat to showcase Sofia Vergara and all her assets this summer

A new series called Vergaraland, all about popular actress Sofia Vergara, and involving her young son Manolo, will launch on Snapchat and serve as a sort of tongue-and-cheek look at her career, through the keen eyes of her millennial son.

Apple CEO Tim Cook joins Weibo and immediately gains 360,000 followers

Apple CEO Tim Cook has made his way past the Great Firewall and onto Chinese social networking website, Weibo. Could his presence on the social network encourage Chinese consumers to buy more Apple products?
Social Media

Photo app Hyper wants to put brakes on cyberbullying with community voting

Cyberbullying has affected a large number of people. A new photo-sharing app, Hyper, aims to combat the social issue with its interest-centric social media platform that's based on community, not individual profiles.
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As social media becomes the new water cooler, it’s influencing TV viewing

Everyone brings their favorite TV shows to social media. Studies done by Nielsen and ShareThis have shown that the two are strongly linked to one another.

Facebook’s in-app search engine will make posting links even easier

Facebook is testing out its own mini search engine, or link aggregator, in an attempt to carve out some of the mobile search market from Google. This could mean huge ad revenue and stiffened competition for Google.

How dude are you? This website will rank your dudeness on a scale from 1 to 100

The people behind the dating app Lulu pay homage to Microsoft's website that guesses your age with a tool that guesses how much of a dude a guy is based on his picture. The dude-rating goes from 1 to 100.
Social Media

GOP using social media to get more voters aboard, a strategy that worked for President Barack Obama in 2008

Social media allows people to air their political views, but often not without controversy. The Republican Party is gearing up for 2016 by trying to capture new audiences, such as those who frequent social media.

This alarm clock app takes ‘I woke up like this’ selfies to a whole new level

This new Android alarm clock app can't be disabled without snapping a selfie. Share your morning face with your friends, because everyone wants a gallery of their "I just woke up" face! Right?

Man wrongly labeled a pedophile on Facebook gets death threats

An Australian man who innocently took a selfie next to some kids was wrongly branded a pedophile on Facebook by the kids' mom. He endured death threats and massive damage to his reputation.