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Instagram is officially mobile-only no more as it introduces feed for Web

Instagram, the darling of smartphone apps, has transitioned into a Web client by bringing its photo feed to the desktop. In addition to Web Profiles, you're now able to see your Instagram feed in full.

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Facebook reportedly developing a friend tracking app

Sources with Bloomberg report that Facebook is developing an app that will rival Apple's Find My Friends app for its ability to track your location.


Statistically, these are the best and worst Super Bowl XLVII ads

According to social media, these are the brand winners and losers of Super Bowl XLVII. If you were logged onto Twitter and Facebook during the game, then you may already know the general consensus.

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What the Superdome control room looked like during the Super Bowl blackout

So, what happened during last night's game that caused some of the the Mercedes Benz Superdome's powers to shut off for 34 minutes? An official statement claims an "abnormality" in the system was detected, forcing a breaker to cut out approximately half of the…

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Our favorite, funniest tweets from Super Bowl XLVII

Check out what some of the greatest minds of our generation – er, at least some of the most clever people with keyboards and Twitter accounts – had to say about this year's Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl blackout generated 231,500 tweets per minute, and other social media numbers

The game is all over, but we're now just reveling in all tweets, photos, videos, and chatter Super Bowl XLVII spawned.

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Woman finds biological mother using viral Facebook photo

Utilizing the Facebook share for something more meaningful than trying to earn a new pet, a young woman was finally able to get in touch with her biological parents using the social network.

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Get your funny in 140 characters from our favorite comics on Twitter

Wondering what funny people you should follow on Twitter? Check this list for a quick intro to the world of 140 character stand-up comedy.

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250,000 user accounts attacked in Twitter security breach

In the same week that the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal suffered attacks, Twitter has also fallen victim to security threats. 250,000 user accounts were affected, and Twitter is sending out instructions to the respective accounts.

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Want that Twitter verification badge? Watch out for hoaxers

No matter how badly you want that blue check mark, avoid looking like a rube by ignoring Twitter pranksters promising verification.

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This message will self-destruct: Why our digital conversations shouldn’t last forever

Snapchat. Poke. And now Wickr. Self-destructing messages are here to stay. The thing is, they've been around forever. Why has this kind of communication captured our smartphones?

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Good news everyone, face recognition and photo-tagging recommendations on Facebook are back!

Facebook is making use of its Face.com acquisition after fixing some technical difficulties. It started rolling out facial recognition for photos.

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Path settles with FTC over privacy spat and gets slapped with $800,000 fine

Path has admitted to its privacy violations and settled with the FTC in a deal that includes an $800,000 penalty and privacy audits for the next 20 years.

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Extortion or honesty? ReviewerCard is a gut check for the online review ecosystem

A new product called ReviewerCard lets you use your online clout to get better treatment by businesses. is the gut reaction to call this unfair or justified?

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Facebook wants to know how you’re feeling with new, experimental status updates

Facebook was discovered to be testing out an emotive status update, which could help the network gauge your interests in real-time.

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