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Facebook opens up video embeds to everyone and adds 360-degree video support

At its F8 developer conference today, Facebook announced support for 360-degree videos and off-site video embedding. The company's push for 360-degree videos is linked to its purchase of Oculus Virtual Realty.

Facebook’s new Messenger lets you send GIFs, track packages

At Facebook's F8 developer conference, the social media company has unveiled a new platform to power a richer Messenger experience. Now you can send GIFs, track packages, and so much more.

Worst thief ever? Police just found a man who shared his hiding location on Snapchat

Police in Somerset, Maine, caught a thief after he revealed his hiding spot in a Snapchat message. The thief was hiding in a cabinet when he was apprehended. The man is the latest criminal to be caught thanks to social media.
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Oops! Facebook app leaks company’s big plans for Messenger, IoT

Where there are announcements there are leaks, and two announcements from Facebook's upcoming F8 developers conference, Messenger as a Platform and Parse for IoT, have been leaked prior to the conference's start. The culprit? Facebook's own…

Facebook knows what you did last summer, introduces flashback feature to remind you

Facebook knows what you did last summer...and it wants to share it with you. A new feature called On This Day lets you relive your past posts on Facebook.
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Why you may never need to leave Facebook ever again

In what the company describes as an effort to cut down on load times, particularly on mobile devices, Facebook is pursuing deals with publishers including the New York Times and BuzzFeed to host their content on Facebook itself.
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Twitter hopes new ‘quality filter’ will help hide abusive tweets

In its ongoing quest to deal with abuse on the platform, Twitter on Monday rolled out a new 'quality filter' designed to remove threatening and offensive content from a users notifications timeline.
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Twitter starts experimenting with autoplay videos in timelines

It's been on the cards for a while, after all, Facebook, Instagram, and Vine have long included them. We're talking about autoplay videos, which Twitter has just started testing on its service.

The origins of newbie, noob, and n00b

We've all been newbies at one time or another, but have you ever been called a noob or a n00b? We take a look at where the term originated and discuss the difference in meaning when it's spelled differently.

Upworthy unleashed clickbait on the Internet, but now it wants to take it back

Upworthy cofounder Peter Koechley apologized for his site's usage of sensationalized, clickbait headlines. Moving forward, Koechley said his site will now focus on content that draw a wide array of emotions from readers.

Listen up! Now you can livestream Internet radio shows on your blog using TuneIn

Online radio service TuneIn has just launched a new feature that lets broadcasters, website owners, and bloggers embed a live radio player into their sites, a move that'll likely take the service beyond its already massive user base.