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Facebook expands free Wi-Fi service for small businesses

Facebook is offering a program to help businesses engage with customers -- Facebook Wi-Fi, where merchants give customers Wi-Fi in exchange for check-ins.
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Vine debuts desktop viewer with Web profiles and full-screen viewing

Vine announced a Web version of its popular looping video app today, allowing users to see their favorite videos from a desktop, expanded to full-screen size. Will this upgrade help Vine catch up with rivals?
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Facebook sued for allegedly reading private messages, says accusation has no merit

Facebook is getting sued by plaintiffs accusing the company of systemically combing through private messages and using data there to sell to third parties. If this is true, the company could (and should) be in big trouble.
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See how Twitter said ‘Happy New Year’ around the world with interactive map

An interactive map from Twitter's data team plots how New Year wishes were tweeted around the world. Twitter users from China to Chino spread good cheer for 2014, and a time zone map shows when each country experienced peak New Years.
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Skype’s Facebook, Twitter accounts hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

The Syrian Electronic Army (or a group claiming to be the SEA) hacked Skype, posting anti-spying messages to its Twitter, Facebook, and its official blog. This may mean the SEA has a new target for 2014: surveillance.

4.6 million Snapchat usernames and phone numbers leaked online

Potentially cause for alarm if you are a heavy Snapchat user, a huge collection of usernames and phone numbers has been published on the Web due to an exploit that Snapchat hasn't fixed yet.

Missing 2013 already? View your most popular Instagram photos last year in a short video

Instagram-tracking service Statigram offers a new tool that turns your most-popular photos into a short highlight video. The feature picks five photos from your 2013 posts based on "likes."

Best websites for deals on gadgets, gizmos, and more

Pinching pennies while shopping for hammocks, streaming devices and anything else you might desire isn't as difficult as it once was. Check out our selection of the best deal sites for a roundup the most lucrative avenues for scoring big…
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Facebook’s favorite hacks of 2013 are a bad sign for the company

Facebook's engineers released a list of their favorite hacks for 2013. Most of them were more boring than a watching paint dry while listening to John Mayer and eating a crumpled piece of plain white bread.
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On Android, Twitter tests a new kind of ‘fav’ for entire accounts, not just tweets

Twitter is testing a new way to "fav" on its Android app. Users now have the option of pressing "favorite" for an entire account, not just individual tweets. These favorite accounts send push notifications. Will this roll out to iOS or die…
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The strange tale of Iran’s short stint in blocking Instagram, hints of possible full ban

Instagram experienced a widespread outage in Iran this week, leading experts to believe the government was experimenting with blocking the popular service. Iranians can currently access Instagram again, but the incident raises questions…
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After a joyous Christmas price increase, Twitter stock plummets following downgrade

Twitter's love affair with the New York Stock Exchange has soured after a wild fling with sky-high stock prices this December. An analyst downgraded the micro-blogging service, causing a steep decline in stock price.