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A 2012 article proposed a smarter version of Facebook Shared Albums

Shared Albums just launched, but ideas to make them smarter have been available since last year.
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Twitter gets stuck into Australian market with opening of first local HQ

Twitter will this week open its latest international office, in Sydney, Australia. With 2m users in a nation of more than 22m, increasing the user base will certainly be on the agenda, though boosting revenue through advertising will also…

Keep calm and tweet on: Creditors have been sizing you up online for years

What you say on Facebook can be used against you when applying for a loan – but it can be used in your favor, too. Here, we'll dig a bit deeper into reports that your online activity can affect your credit worthiness.

This app makes songs out of selfies – so we found out what our faces sound like

Ever wonder what sound your face would make? Yeah, we didn't either - but if an app wants to take our picture and ask a few questions about our genetic code in order to spit out a song, then we're definitely going to try it. These are the…
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WTF, Internet? Taking selfies where other people mourn means you’re doing it wrong

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of 'Selfies at Serious Places:' The worst thing to happen to selfies since... well, selfies. Have some self-restraint, guys.
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Facebook clarifies how ads are using your data

Facebook has released two legal documents that have undergone major edits to ensure that people know exactly what the social network can do with user data.
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The GIF guide to commenting on all the most cliche Facebook posts

Now that you can use GIFs on Facebook, let's talk about comment responses. All those posts you just don't know how to respond to are about to become a thing of the past.
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Facebook wants to add profile pictures to its facial recognition database

Facebook is considering adding profile pictures to its facial recognition database, making you even easier to spot than you currently are.
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Bang With Friends gets ‘Down’ with its return to the App Store post-ban

Three months after it was banned from the App Store, Bang With Friends returns on iOS with a completely new name: Down. What exactly you're down for is up to the imagination.
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Facebook identity fraud is up and you need to be careful

A stranger hacking into your Facebook account pretending to be you is inevitable, thanks to the willingness of most users to divulge personal info. Here are a few ways you can protect yourself.
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Why do we Facebook stalk?

It's a question old as time. Or... as old as 2004, when Facebook first appeared. Why do we keeps tabs on our Facebook peers with such intensity? While it's easy to pin this to our relationship insecurities, there are many, many reasons why…