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Swarm finally brings back Mayorships, gives us a reason to check-in at Starbucks

Here's some good news: One of the original, and most fondly remembered social gaming features is back. Swarm, has reintroduced Foursquare's Mayorship titles, but with a few cool alterations to make them even more fun.
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Snapchat boss wants his messaging app to make money without being ‘creepy’

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said Monday that video ads on the app are more about context than targeting, a fact he hopes makes the service less "creepy" in the minds of its 100 million active users.

What the prez?: 15 most revealing quotes from President Obama’s chat with Marc Maron

President Barack Obama appeared on WTF with Marc Maron for an hour conversation on his love of self-deprecating humor, gun laws, parenting, and more.

Do you really want complete digital privacy?

Recent comments from Tim Cooks sparked controversy about digital privacy. Everyone seems to agree that more is better, but no one seems willing to pay for it.
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Myspace founder Tom Anderson’s two-year-old selfie is just now getting attention

Tom Anderson posted a selfie captioned "I am behind on processing photos! In other news, I think Japanese sushi is good for my skin :-)." In a classic case of delayed virality, the now 2-year-old selfie is just now getting Internet…
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Twitter tries to improve its shopping experience with full-fledged product pages

In an effort to expand its shopping experience, Twitter announced Collections, which introduce product pages on the social media site for the first time. The new feature will roll out today for Twitter's website and mobile app.

European regulators block Facebook’s Moments app due to privacy concerns

Facebook isn't offering its new "Moments" app in Europe due to facial recognition concerns. European regulators want an opt-in option, but Facebook has no timeline to implement such a feature.
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Twitter will allow you to follow events instead of people for breaking news

In an effort to streamline the chore of finding a specific topic on Twitter, the company announced Project Lightning, a dedicated news platform that lets users follow events instead of people.
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YouTube breaks the news with Newswire, a channel for verified eyewitness videos

When was the last time you turned on the news and didn't see a video from YouTube? Seeing the need to verify eyewitness videos, YouTube and Storyful announced three initiatives today: YouTube Newswire, The First Draft Coalition, and The…
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With more effective blocked lists, Twitter is ramping up fight against trolls

Twitter is letting users join up with their buddies to block trolls more efficiently on the social media site. With these blocked lists, Twitter is heating up its fight against trolls.

No live-streaming! Golf fans at this week’s U.S. Open ordered not to use Periscope

Strict rules await handset-wielding golf fans attending this week's U.S. Open. Live-streaming the action using apps like Periscope is banned, with offenders facing possible ejection from the course if caught.

Now you can spout your political opinions on this new app instead of Facebook

Brigade Beta is a new app for iOS and Android that lets users express what they think about important political issues. The app comes from Napster founder Sean Parker and his team.