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Google outbids Facebook to aquire Waze for $1.1 billion

Google finalized a deal to acquire Waze, a six-year-old socially sourced GPS navigation app with 40 million active users. The purchase was a move to outbid Facebook and keep its lead in the map world.
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Here’s proof that you probably won’t finish this article

Most people don't actually read articles top to bottom, and despite having just a small grasp of the author's point, readers will tweet anyway.
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China allowing Twitter and Facebook access! Oh wait … not quite

Conference participants are being allowed to tweet and update Facebook, but the permission comes with quite a few caveats. Don't expect the censor-heavy country to start loosening its grip on social sites anytime soon.
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Chirpify cuts out the PayPal middle man, you can now pay directly in your social streams

Social commerce start-up Chirpify has been reliant on PayPal to enable transactions - until now. The system now lets you pay anyone - brands, friends, artists - using the system directly and immediately without leaving your feed.
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‘My Pocket Pal’ explores an Instagram-made friendship between two strangers

Even on social networks, close friendships between strangers be struck as "My Pocket Pal" filmmaker Jean Antolini had done with Instagram user @DCW805.
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Here’s why you shouldn’t be surprised that people share more Vines than Instagrams on Twitter

If you look at how often they're getting shared on Twitter, Vine appears more popular than Instagram. But you shouldn't use Twitter as a barometer.
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Vine may not be releasing an API soon, but here’s how to access it

Can't wait to get your hands on the Vine API? Here's a workaround. Just know that it's all Twitter-unsanctioned business.
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RIP, Facebook Sponsored Stories! We shall dance on your grave

Facebook's Sponsored Stories ads are going to that big deluxe apartment in the sky. The stuff that inspired lawsuits and user opt-outs will be taken out back and shot!
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Is your band missing its lead guitarist? Giggem is a LinkedIn for the musician market

Giggem steps in to offered a LinkedIn option for the music world with its matchmaking algorithms to bring bands together.
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Facebook news you may have missed: A cash-stealing virus, ad cutbacks, and a report that Facebook leads to breakup city

Watch out for the Zeus Trojan, Facebook is cutting down on ads, and Home is update in this week in Facebook news you may have missed.

WTF, Internet? Celebrities don’t need their own apps (and neither do you)

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of celebrity apps, perhaps the most self-important way that an already famous person could approach social media.
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Prosecutor posts as accused killer’s fake girlfriend on Facebook, gets fired

Definitely a tactic that should have been left up to the lead detective on the case, an Ohio prosecutor recently lost his job after attempting to manipulate alibi testimony using Facebook.