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Tweetbot for Mac is finally here… but it costs $20 and is in limited supply thanks to Twitter’s API restrictions

Tweetbot for Mac launched today, but Twitter's new API guidelines has left Tapbot with no choice but to sell a limited number of copies for $20.


Video conversion service YesVideo can now send your preserved memories to Facebook Timeline

YesVideo converts vintage media into a digital format, and it's adding new social features that will allow customers to publish indexed footage to their Facebook Timeline.

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Yelp tries public shaming to discourage businesses from gaming reviews and ratings

Yelp, in its latest measure to discourage businesses from gaming its reviews and ratings, will display warning signs on businesses suspected to be be illicitly enhancing their visibility and profile.

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Apple rumored to be dipping into its savings to acquire Color Labs

After Color Labs was rumored to be closing its doors, the photo-sharing app startup refuted the allegation by saying it was doing no such thing. Now, a new rumor suggests it's be acquired by none other than Apple.


Anonymous, Amanda Todd, and the dangers of vigilante justice online

A slew of reports out this week have irresponsibly labeled a Canadian man as the person who blackmailed 15-year-old Amanda Todd, which ultimately led to her suicide last week. Here, we sift fact from speculation in a search for the truth.

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With hidden features exposed, Pinterest quickly rolls out user blocking and other updates

Earlier Pinleague discovered Pinterest's hidden blocking feature, and the social network responded by making blocking and reporting users publicly available.

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Who’s the average Twitter user? She’s female, 28 years old, and loves the color purple

Beevolve's extensive study unveils the average Twitter user, who is female, 28 years old, loves purple and tweets from an iPhone. The study goes deeply into Twitter's underbelly to give us what's possibly the most in-depth analysis of who's tweeting, what…

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Reports suggest controversial startup Color may finally be throwing in the towel [Updated]

Color has had a spotty history as an over-hyped up app that has floundered since launch, and a report indicates that the startup may soon be closing its doors for good.


Lazy NYC restaurant wants you to help create its menu with Instagram

A downtown New York restaurant is asking patrons to upload photos of their meals to Instagram to help craft a visual menu for undecided diners and those interested in trying out the establishment. The inventive idea is fun and interactive, but it's hard for us…


Grooveshark redesign puts more power into artists’ hands, but is it enough to fend off copyright fiends?

After copyright controversies with Facebook, Apple, and Google, Grooveshark is attempting to win back users by giving its platform a redesign that allows artists to have more control over their music property. The overhaul incorporates a bigger social aspect…


Why Twitter fails as a ‘second screen’ for debates

Twitter has become a go-to "second screen" for most major events. But after the exhausting experience from last night's presidential debate, I'm cutting the number of screens down to one.

Opinion plays matchmaker between infographic designers and data-hungry companies

There’s no denying the grip infographics have on us. These bite-sized, data-packed, visual stimulants have become a news source in their own right. They’re easily shared, easily consumed – not to mention easy on the eyes. One startup that’s been there…

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The Internet reacts to last night’s presidential debates in tweets, GIFs, and hashtags

We've hunted through the social networks, blogs, and forums to bring you some insight into how the Web interpreted last night's debates.

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Facebook revokes agency’s Preferred Developer badge for discussing beta features

TBG Digital had its Preferred Marketing Developer badge suspended by Facebook after reportedly discussing a Facebook beta feature.

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Etsy and the rest of the Internet are riding Breast Cancer Awareness Month all the way to the bank

During the month of October, be on the lookout for breast cancer fundraising scams, as online marketplaces "pinkwash' themselves to make a dime.