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Facebook has given you a political label — find out where (it thinks) you stand

Facebook is acutely aware of your political views, whether you've expressed them on your profile or not. The social network is using this info to serve you ads as part of its recently launched ad personalization tool.
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Pinterest nabs Instapaper to recommend you more of the articles you’ll love

Pinterest has acquired the tech and the talent behind the read-it-later platform Instapaper, which is best known for its iOS and Android apps. The move sees the social bookmarking platform continue its buying spree.
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Tech giants oppose social media screening proposal for travelers

Internet giants including Facebook, Twitter, and Google have come out in opposition to a proposal by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that seeks to obtain the social media info of foreign travelers.
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No stopping Instagram: App joins the billion-downloads club on Google Play

Instagram has become just the 19th app to hit a billion downloads on the Google Play Store. The milestone marks Facebook's fourth entry on the exclusive list, further cementing its dominance in the mobile app market.
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Twitter goes dark on iOS, thanks to new night mode

Twitter for iOS users are finally being treated to night mode, a feature that has been an Android exclusive since July. The new option gives the Twitter app a dark theme, making it ideal for low-light conditions.
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Facebook's Lifestage app connects classmates, resurrecting its 2004 model

Lifestage, which is only available for iOS devices at the moment, describes itself on the App Store as the social network that “makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network."
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Your Facebook photos could be betraying important biometric data

Researchers in the security and computer vision fields from the University of North Carolina suggest that all it takes to get past certain facial recognition technology is some Facebook stalking and 3D rendering.
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Think that Yelp review doesn’t matter? Think again, suggests Trustpilot survey

Trying out a new place? Chances are, you hedged your bets by checking out a review beforehand. Don’t be shy – you can admit it. In fact, a new study by Trustpilot suggests that 88 percent of consumers say that reviews help.
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The Democratic National Convention was full of nonsensical gibberish and nobody noticed

It’ll be tough for the Democrats to come back from this one. A YouTube channel by the name of “Bad Lip Reading” has obtained unreleased footage from the DNC in Philadelphia last month, and it isn’t pretty.
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Facebook just announced Lifestage, and you're probably too old for it

Facebook is trying to recapture a younger audience, and has announced the launch of a new social media network called Lifestage, which was built by a 19-year-old and is for those who are under 21.
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How Hasbro animated Mr. Monopoly’s Facebook Live broadcast in real time

Live-streaming video is becoming easier than ever, but what about live video featuring a cartoon character? Here's how Hasbro pulled of an animation of Mr. Monopoly on Facebook Live using motion-capture technology.

Happy birthday, photography! You don't look a day older than 177

Break out the birthday cake – today marks the release of the predecessor to modern photography, the daguerreotype (just consult a fire marshal before lighting those 177 candles).