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The highest earning YouTube stars of 2016 raked in a combined $70.5M

YouTube stars witnessed another blockbuster year in 2016, both online and offline. Although the highest earner on Google's video service remains the same as 2015, elsewhere the list was packed with fresh faces.
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EU threatens new hate speech laws if U.S. technology firms fail to improve efforts

The European Commission has told companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google to get better at dealing with hate speech and racist language on their websites or else it will enact new laws that force their hand.

Tech is upending the ways we write, speak, and even think

Text messages, emoji, voice assistants, and even artificial intelligence are changing the way humans communicate, but are we eroding language or merely evolving it? It depends who you ask.
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Lawyer sues student over bad reviews on Facebook and Yelp, student wins $27K

A 20-year old Houston nursing student was sued by a law firm for posting negative reviews about them on social media. She won when the court ruled the suit was a SLAPP -- a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.
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Twitter says it would ban Trump if he violates its policies on hate speech

Like all companies, Twitter has a set of user guidelines. These rules also apply to one Donald J. Trump, and Twitter is putting him on notice. No hate-speech on their servers, or else.
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Buzz Aldrin still recovering after emergency airlift from the South Pole

Buzz Aldrin had no trouble returning from the Apollo 11 moon flight back in 1969, but illness interrupted his most recent South Pole adventure and he required an emergency evacuation.
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The NFL is changing its social media policy again

After an October social media policy update, NFL teams were looking at a $100,000 fine if they posted an in-game GIF to social media. After the backlash, the NFL has changed course.
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Facebook donating $20 million to affordable housing, job training in Menlo Park

Facebook has announced it is partnering with a coalition of local community groups to support affordable housing in the San Francisco Bay Area. The company will donate $20 million to a series of development projects as part of the alliance.
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WeChat’s censorship system extends beyond China’s borders, finds new study

WeChat's censorship system follows its users around, even beyond the countries borders, claims a new study by the University of Toronto. Until now, it was believed that WeChat only censors users registered with China-based phone numbers.
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Why did Facebook briefly ban a fake news detection plugin?

Facebook may be busy trying to fix its fake news problem, but it isn’t in favor of someone else teaching it how to do its job. On Friday afternoon, the social network began blocking links to the website of a fake news detection plugin.
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Report: Facebook building its own take on Snapchat Discover

Facebook simply can’t get enough of Snapchat. A new report claims the social network is planning its own curated media content feature, tentatively titled "Collections," in the vein of Snapchat Discover.
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Snap school: University uses Snapchat to inform students of acceptance

Students waiting to find out if they've been accepted into the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are receiving confirmation in the form of a Snapchat message. Will more colleges end up adopting the unorthodox route?