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Social Media

LinkedIn retools Groups and debuts new sales metric

LinkedIn is changing up its plagued Groups feature after finally listening to user complaints; it's also debuting a new sales metric in Sales Navigator that should interest sales professionals active in social selling.
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Privacy is dead, says Mark Zuckerberg, even for his unborn daughter

Mark Zuckerberg said of his unborn child's first steps, "I’m really looking forward to being able to capture not just a photo but to really capture the experience" by way of Facebook's foray into VR.
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New novel ‘Hey Harry, Hey Matilda’ comes with a serious twist: It’s on Instagram

Instagram post by Instagram post, Rachel Hulin plans on slowly releasing a 200-page novel, 'Hey Harry, Hey Matilda.' Just think of it this way: it’s like the modern-day Dickens-style release of Great Expectations.
Health & Fitness

Surprise! In-person interactions prevent depression better than emails and texts

For the most part, even the most introverted of human beings need some sort of human contact every once in awhile, and research now confirms that face-to-face interactions are better than sending an email or a text.
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Twitter debuts Moments, its editor-curated news stream

Twitter's newest feature offers a simpler way to view the constant flood of information hitting the service. It's hoped that the editor-curated news streams, called "Moments," will help ease newcomers into the service and also appeal to…
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Elon Musk’s belated advice for Twitter’s Dorsey on being a dual CEO: Don’t do it

The issue of whether to take on the running of two businesses will have been mulled over for months by new Twitter boss Jack Dorsey, though Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, clearly thinks it's not the best idea.
Cool Tech

Facebook’s first satellite will beam Internet to rural Africa starting in 2016

Facebook is partnering with French satellite communications provider Eutelsat to beam a satellite internet connection to remote parts of Africa.
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Playing tourist? Here are the most Instagrammed places in North America

If you really want to be avant-garde in your Instagramming (which may be a bit oxymoronic in and of itself), you may want to avoid the places Busbud has identified as the most Instagrammed location in each U.S. state.

You can finally build a website easily on your phone with Weebly’s Carbon

These days, we do everything on the move. Weebly is the first website platform to embrace this and take website building mobile, introducing apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and iWatch that let you build a full mobile merchant without ever…

Everything you need to know about Android 6.0 Marshmallow: Get it on your Nexus now

Google's next major release of Android is Marshmallow, or version 6.0, and it's coming to Nexus phones at the beginning of October. Here's all you need to know about the key new features.

On the 4th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death, Tim Cook sends moving email to Apple staff

The heir to the Apple kingdom, Tim Cook, has written a heartfelt email to his employees celebrating the life of Steve Jobs who is of course responsible for much of what our technological landscape looks like today.

It’s official: Jack Dorsey is back in charge at Twitter

It's just part of the (tech) circle of life -- when it comes to leadership at major tech companies, what goes around comes around. At least, in the case of Twitter co-founder, former CEO, and now current CEO Jack Dorsey.