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How to check if an account was exposed in the Ashley Madison hack

Hackers dumped account information surrounding 33 million Ashley Madison users earlier today. Curious if you, or someone you know, was revealed in the cyber-attack? Here's how to find out.


Don’t be so smug, cheater haters. You’re next

The names of 37 million users of Ashley Madison, a dating site explicitly for married men and women to cheat on their spouses, have been made public for anyone with a mastery of Google to discover. But before you high-five the righteous hackers who cracked…


What’s your favorite emoji? SwiftKey’s ‘United States of Emoji’ map reveals our habits

SwiftKey analyzed user data to see which emoji are most popular in each state of the U.S. and got some entertaining results. Vermont uses the poop emoji more than any other state, and California is a fan of the taxi emoji.


Josh Groban singing outrageous Trump Tweets is as hilarious as it sounds

Donald Trump's run for president continues to be a favorite topic for late night TV hosts. Josh Groban recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to sing some of Donald Trump's most absurd tweets.

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Twitter cage wars: Sprint and T-Mobile CEOs go head-to-head again

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is fed up with T-Mobile CEO John Legere's constant insults about Sprint. The two already battled it out on Twitter last month, and round two just started.

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Facebook updates Notes in move to get you blogging again

Facebook is testing a redesigned version of its somewhat forgotten Notes feature to make it easier for users to create and read longer-form stories on the social networking service. In short, Facebook wants you to get blogging again.

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Stream the first two episodes of Patrick Stewart’s Blunt Talk for free

The first two episodes of Blunt Talk, starring Patrick Stewart, are available for free streaming on Facebook and Starz ahead of the show's premiere. The sitcom debuts on on August 22.

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Woman fined for posting Facebook photo of cop car in disabled space

Spotting a cop car parked in a space reserved for disabled drivers, a woman in south-west Spain saw red and posted an image of the perceived transgression on her Facebook page. Taking offense to the post, the cops decided to take action....

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Stories you missed this week: Tinder dumps its CEO, Samsung’s dueling Galaxies

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


Bitmoji leaps out of Facebook and smartphones, now a Chrome extension

Bitmoji, the app for creating those humorous avatar emojis, is now available as a Chrome extension. Now, in addition to iOS, Android, and Facebook, users can use Bitmojis on the Web.


Hilarious troll poses as Target on Facebook to address gender-neutral complaints

After Target became the brunt of a number of rather ignorant attacks for its decision to move towards gender-neutral labeling of its toy products, Facebook user Facebook user Mike Melgaard decided he had enough.

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Periscope hits 10m sign-ups, though apparently it’s all about ‘time watched’

Periscope seems to be picking up users at quite a clip, with 10 million sign-ups since it launched at the end of March. The startup also revealed users are watching 40 years' worth of streams a day.


Was the Tinder meltdown over Vanity Fair’s article a planned publicity stunt?

A Vanity Fair article entitled "Tinder and the Dawn of the 'Dating Apocalypse'" has drawn the extremely public wrath of the dating app, but the Twitter storm may have been a manufactured PR stunt.

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Twitter officially eliminates its 140-character limit on direct messages

Twitter has officially lifted the word limit for Direct Messages, meaning users can go way beyond 140 characters in their private interactions on the service.

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