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Facebook caves on censorship, will allow more NSFW news content

Facebook will start allowing more “newsworthy” content deemed to be of "public interest" on to its site even if those items break its Community Standards pertaining to nudity and graphic violence.
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Facebook employees wrangled with execs to remove Trump’s posts as hate speech

Employees at Facebook have reportedly been engaged in an intense debate over the past year to remove certain posts by presidential candidate Donald Trump, which they claim break the site’s rules on hate speech.

Photographers' Instagram hashtag tool Dehaze rebrands itself as Focalmark

Instagram hashtag curation tool Dehaze has officially rebranded itself as Focalmark. In addition to a new name and updated features, it also has a new mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
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LinkedIn makes endorsements smarter to help you get noticed

LinkedIn is making endorsements smarter, with new targeting and relevancy improvements that will allow you to get the most from each person who views your profile. It may even land you your next job opportunity.
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Facebook adds 360 video and photo support to Instant Articles

Facebook now lets publishers add 360-degree video and photo to Instant Articles. Get ready to see more 360-degree media on the Facebook app's mobile news pages that's now even easier to navigate.
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Did we witness the dawn of Trump TV on Facebook Live?

Donald Trump aired a Facebook Live stream during the presidential debate that looked a lot like a news program, complete with hosts, guests, and ads. Was this our first glimpse of the candidate's rumored Trump TV network?
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Twitter fires VR chief who called homeless people 'degenerates' in Facebook post

Twitter’s new virtual reality project manager Gregory Gopman lasted around 48 hours at the company before being shown the door over a controversial Facebook post in which he berated San Francisco's homeless population.
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Facebook lets you order food, seek recommendations from friends

Facebook is launching a set of new ecommerce features that could transform it into your primary destination for everyday services, such as ordering food, buying movie and gig tickets, or planning a night out.
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Instagram lets you support friends whose mental health you may be concerned about

Instagram is taking a page out of parent company Facebook’s book by launching self-harm and suicide prevention support tools for its 500 million users. The app is also taking a more hands-on approach in monitoring concerning behavior.

Facebook Messenger brings its Snapchat-style Stories feature to Australia

Facebook Messenger is testing its own take on Snapchat's popular Stories feature in Australia, after introducing it in Poland last month. Expanding the feature to a new region indicates a global roll-out may be on the cards.
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Facebook wants you to get political by endorsing a presidential candidate

The world’s biggest social network is launching an “Endorsements” feature that allows you to publicly share your support for a U.S. political candidate. Just be prepared to defend your decision against your opinionated friends.
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Instagram recommends Stories based on your interests in the Explore tab

Instagram is rolling out suggested Stories to its Explore tab in a bid to help its users discover more accounts to follow. The recommended Stories will be catered to you based on your Instagram activity.