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Tumblr blog replaces guns in notable movie moments with selfie sticks

Look out, there is a new meme on the block and it's causing all kinds of commotion. The new, and aptly named Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks does exactly what the name implies. Pointless? Sure. Fun? You bet.
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Nextdoor is trying to tamp down racial profiling on its site with new protocols

Nextdoor has inadvertently created situations of racial profiling, in which minority residents almost seem unwelcome in their own homes. But now, the site is trying to fix the issue with new protocols.
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China’s fake wall of social media posts is driving its citizens to distraction

A new study has revealed the staggering extent of fake, pro-government social media posts being shared by workers employed by China's Communist Party, and lays bare the state's meticulous social media strategy.
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Facebook political bias? Glenn Beck says he’s seen no evidence of it

Facebook's top brass met with 16 conservative leaders on Wednesday to discuss recent allegations against the company of political bias. Radio host Glenn Beck said afterward he'd found "no evidence of a top-down initiative to silence…

Memory hole: Google battles back against France over right to be forgotten

As the battle between France and Google over the "right to be forgotten" rages on, the company has submitted an appeal to the Conseil d'État, France's supreme court for administrative justice.

Rawr looks to animate conversations by bringing virtual avatars to messaging

Rawr is a messaging app that has a personalized avatar in the backdrop of conversations. You can trigger these avatars to perform actions via hashtag commands, like #twerk, #kiss, and hundreds more.
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The Zuck met with conservatives over news bias claims, and here’s what happened

Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday met with leading conservatives to discuss recent allegations of news bias at Facebook. The CEO insisted he wants to "build trust" with those who suspect the site suppresses stories from conservative news…
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Facebook’s new Live Video map lets you drop in on strangers around the world

Facebook has launched a map that lets you quickly access Live Video streams around the world. Similar to a feature offered by rival service Periscope, users can see exactly where a broadcast is coming from and drop in on a stranger with a…

Snapchat accused of whitewashing its users through ‘beautify’ filter

First, there was the Bob Marley blackface feature, and now, there's the alleged skin-lightening filter. Snapchat, it seems, is having a bit of trouble when it comes to racial sensitivity.

LEDs in Litcase offer a better way to take selfies and food photos

Love them or hate them, there's no arguing that selfies are here to stay. And Litcase aims to make them better. Featuring integrated LED lights, it creates softer, color-balanced photos indoors and in low-light.

Facebook: We were wrong to remove emotional father-son photo

Facebook removed an image of a father with his ill son in the shower – twice – without warning or explanation, despite it not breaking any community standards. Facebook told us it was mistake, but it highlights the complexity of…

Bots are about to take over the world … but they just want to tell you the weather 2:05

Bots are becoming more advanced, prompting major companies like Facebook and Microsoft to tout them as a compliment, or even replacement, to apps. They could even change how you talk to your friends.