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New Telegram desktop app may just make users forget about security concerns

Amid concerns over its security, Telegram is hoping to turn users' attention to its aesthetics instead. The new desktop app is titled version 1.0 and is fully redesigned from the original. It features animations and support for themes.

You can now pay YouTube to pin your pithy comments in live-stream chat rooms

Live-stream viewers have a new way to make sure their favorite YouTube stars see their comments. By paying a fee from $1 to $500, the comment is pinned in the chat for an extended period of time.

Microsoft employees sue over trauma they claim was caused by viewing extreme content

Two former members of Microsoft's online safety team are suing the company for trauma they claim was caused by exposure to extreme violent and sexual content that they experienced as part of their work.
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Pinterest is now using artificial intelligence to help you discover more pins

Pinterest is overhauling its related pins feature using artificial intelligence. With approximately 75 billion pins on its platform, curation is a critical part of the service Pinterest offers its 150 million users.
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Facebook now lets select publishers curate multiple Instant Articles in one post

Facebook is expanding upon its Instant Articles publishing tool by allowing select publishers to package multiple articles into one post. The feature sounds a lot like the social network's take on Snapchat Discover or Twitter Moments.
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Facebook now lets Pages go Live from desktop, adds more Live Video tools

Facebook is giving Pages the option to live-stream from a desktop or laptop. The feature, which the social network began testing in September, is now rolling out more widely — although it is still not available to general users.
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Instagram Stories grab 150 million daily views, will now come with ads

Instagram Stories is now bigger than ever, increasing its daily view count to an impressive 150 million in just five months. Instagram is capitalizing on the format's reach by allowing brands to insert ads between their Stories.
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President Obama’s farewell address is the first bona fide social media hit of 2017

President Barack Obama's final speech to the American people attracted the most social media activity of any televised event of 2017 -- so far. In the speech, he warned of the adverse effects of technologies like automation on middle-class…
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New year brings new news for Facebook with unveiling of its Journalism Project

Days after hiring CNN host Campbell Brown to lead the social media giant's News Partnerships team, Facebook is shaking things up. On Wednesday, Fidji Simo, the company's Director of Product, unveiled The Facebook Journalism Project.

Careful, your fun peace sign selfie may lead to identity theft

Ever flashed the peace sign in a selfie? You may want to think twice in the future if your phone has a fingerprint sensor securing it, because photo tech is now so advanced, only a picture is needed to steal your fingerprint data.

Follow these three styling tips for better still-life Instagram photos

YouTube channel Mango Life has created a short tutorial breaking down three simple steps you can take to improve your still-life photography, specifically that geared toward an Instagram audience.
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Twitter's Dashboard app will soon be no more, but its best features may live on

Twitter Dashboard, the app aimed at business users, is shutting down on February 3 — just over seven months since it was launched. However, its demise may not be so bad for the larger Twitter community.