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Slack designs new message menus to help you communicate more efficiently

Slack has always been all about leveraging communication to boost productivity, and now, it's released yet another feature to help users do just that. They're called message menus.

Facebook Messenger keeps on growing, now boasts a whopping 1.2 billion users

Facebook Messenger is growing. After reporting last year that it had 1 billion users, it's now up to a massive 1.2 billion. Facebook attributes that growth to new launches like Facebook Messenger Lite.

Apple’s new Clips app hit nearly a million downloads in just four days

Apple's new Clips app reached almost a million downloads only four days after its debut, but despite some heavy promotion on the app store, it has so far failed to break into the top 20 in the iOS chart.

Facebook M is finally rolling out — here’s what it can do

Facebook is rolling out M, its personal assistant, around the U.S., in Messenger. The artificially-intelligent assistant can help you with things like booking Uber rides and finding a restaurant. Here's everything M can do so far.
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Instagram Direct is getting simpler with all your messages in the same spot

The Instagram Direct messages designed to disappear after reading are now easier to find in a single thread. While the messages are mixed with the permanent ones, they still disappear but have a placemark in the conversation.
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Apply for a job at McDonald's via a 'Snaplication' — a Snapchat application

Who says Snapchat isn't a serious app? It's certainly serious enough to land you a job at McDonald's. In what can only be described as a sign of the times, McDonald's is now using Snapchat as part of its job application.

3 things you can do to step up your selfie game

Taking a selfie might seem simple enough, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Here are three elements to keep in mind the next time you take a selfie to share on social media.

10 airports with restaurants you’ll actually want to eat at (we’re serious!)

Airports aren’t known for culinary delights, but that’s changing. We've tapped Yelp to help us comb through its crowd-sourced reviews, to find the most popular places to eat at the country’s busiest airports.
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Twitter drops lawsuit against U.S. government to block unmasking critic account

Twitter sued the U.S. government in an attempt to block the governments request to unmask an anonymous user critical of the current administration. After the request was rescinded, the lawsuit was dropped.
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From basic pictures to fancy videos, here’s how to update your Facebook profile

Put your best face forward with this handy guide on updating a Facebook profile and cover picture, whether you are a beginners or a current user looking to jazz up a page with a profile video, temporary profile photo, or framed photo.
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Facebook's 'M' digital assistant now pops up in chats to order you an Uber, more

Facebook wants its digital assistant, M, to play a bigger role in your digital life. That's why the assistant will now pop into chats to offer suggestions on actions it can do for you -- if you're an M beta tester, that is.
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Facebook wants to educate users on how to spot ‘fake news’ online

Facebook has waged a war on the spread of fake news, and to help prevent fake news from spreading, the social media company will begin educating its users on how to better spot it.