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Brands leap to Instagram Stories, find success

With the new Instagram Stories feature, it’s easy to create an orchestrated story with a start to finish -- allowing the content to differentiate itself from individual pieces of content in a feed.
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Feeling unpopular on Tumblr? Tips on how to get more followers

What's the point of posting all those gorgeous photos and insightful updates on your life if no one is listening, or in this case, looking? Check out our guide on how to gain more followers on Tumblr.
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Ordering Domino’s is as easy as typing ‘pizza’ in Messenger

It may just be the easiest food around, and now, it's also the easiest food to order. Domino's has officially launched its Facebook Messenger chatbot that lets you order a pie with just one word -- "PIZZA."
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Facebook tinkers with its News Feed to show you more ‘informative stories’

Facebook is once again upgrading its News Feed ranking system in order to personalize the content you see. This time its focus is on bringing you more "informative" stories from people and pages you follow.
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Ex-workers slam Twitter's double standards when it comes to censoring abuse

Twitter is once again facing scrutiny over its alleged failure to tackle abuse on its platform courtesy of a new report. The article alleges the company has systems in place to protect high-profile individuals but not its general user base.
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Nice try: Facebook update disables Adblock Plus reblocking filter

Facebook and Adblock Plus are at war over the social network's HTML ads. The ad-blocking tool has now unveiled a filter it says can reblock Facebook ads, but Facebook is updating its code that will disable the workaround.

MobyTrip makes planning a vacation feel like a vacation in itself

Thanks to a new travel browser app from MobyTrip, setting yourself up for relaxation just got a whole lot more ... relaxing. The app brands itself as a "trip planner and optimizer app."

Donate to charity while chatting with a celebrity with new app Chatter

If talking to Leonardo DiCaprio isn't enough to raise your blood pressure, maybe the thought of donating to charity will do it for you. Whether you're titillated by good actions or good looks, Chatter might be the new social media app for…
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Facebook adds more control over ads to customize and improve user experience

Facebook has spent the last few years analyzing how best to optimize its ads for a better -- and less distracting -- user experience. Now, it has unveiled improved ad controls in hopes of improving the experience for users.
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Twitter not liable for the rise of ISIS, rules federal court

A lawsuit alleging that Twitter was legally responsible for facilitating ISIS attacks that saw two U.S. government contractors killed in Jordan has been dismissed by a federal district court judge.
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Facebook now lets you guide viewers around your 360-degree video

Facebook has optimized its 360-degree video editing room with new publishing tools that let creators navigate viewers around their clips. Additionally, the social network is rolling out new analytics insights for the format, and for videos…
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Snapchat courts charges of racism again, this time with ‘yellowface’ filter

Dubbed "yellowface" by a very, very incensed Twitterverse, a new Snapchat filter released earlier this week turned users into stereotypical Asian caricatures, complete with squinting eyes