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Ping Pong is the new video messaging app from startup, the social platform for creating and sharing short videos beloved by teens, is releasing a new video messaging app called Ping Pong. The startup is hoping its 100 million users make the jump to its latest offering.
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Facebook meets with record labels in bid to steal YouTube’s music video crown

Facebook is meeting with record labels and chasing song licensing deals to position itself as the premier site for music videos. There is just one (giant) obstacle that stands in its way: YouTube.

New dating app won’t let you text your matches unless you call them first

Here to invade the nightmares of introverts and commitment-phobes is Hotline, a new dating app that requires users to share a five-minute phone call with a match before sharing anything else.
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Cheap date: Tinder will reward your emoji-only story with Valentine’s Day cash

Tinder has started a contest to reward people with funds for Valentine's Day dates to whomever gives the best date proposals using nothing but emojis. Tinder will spend a total of $10,000 to reward up to $500 to each winning…

Break out the birthday candles, Flickr just became a teenager

The image-sharing platform Flick is now 13 years old, though the company's vivid history isn't without a few growing pains. FLickr is asking users to share their 13 favorite photos with #Flickr13 to celebrate.

Get Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Mixpanel information directly through Slack with Statsbot

Thanks to a new bot, you can also analyze data in your favorite chatroom. Given that Slack is found most commonly in agile, data driven startups where efficiency is king, Statsbot serves as a neat little solution.
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Episode app has a story of its own to tell about the future of dating

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seems like just about everyone is looking for a fairy tale, or is excited to tell their own. And here to help is Episode, a storytelling network and platform featuring interactive stories.

Starbucks partners with WeChat in China to expand its presence through mobile gifting

With this new collaboration between Starbucks and the popular messaging app WeChat, Chinese users will be able to gift a cup of joe via text. Because nothing says "I love you" like caffeine, right?
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Staying the course — Jack Dorsey to remain at the helm of both Twitter and Square

Jack Dorsey is at the helm of both Twitter and Square. And despite the many challenges, that's how things are going to stay. Twitter missed Wall Street's revenue targets, posting just 1 percent year-over-year growth.
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When the temperature goes down, the swipes go up, Tinder data shows

When Winter Storm Jonas hit the same region of the nation in January 0f 2016, Tinder reported seeing an increase of 10 percent on the day of the storm, resulting in more than 25 million matches during the worst weather.
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Snapchat’s first unscripted original will be a reality show about breakups

Snapchat is about to get its first unscripted original show courtesy of the latest in its recent run of video content deals, this time with entertainment media company A+E Networks.

Facebook and Oculus are working on gloves for finger tracking in virtual reality

Facebook CEO and Oculus VR owner Mark Zuckerberg recently toured the Oculus Research Lab and used prototype gloves for virtual reality. He also showcased other parts of the facility including a "clean room" and an anechoic chamber.