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Experience the Coast Guard's training in a new 360 degree video experience

If you never make it to the Coast Guard's grueling training process in person, you can now experience it like never before. It's all thanks to a 360 degree video that feels like a virtual reality experience without the VR headset.
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Parse is no more — Facebook shuts down its mobile developer platform

In a rare admission of defeat (if you can call it that), social media giant Facebook has announced plans to shut down Parse, the mobile developer platform it acquired back in 2013 for a cool $85 million.
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Snapchat profile URLs make adding users easier than ever

Snapchat has made it a lot easier to add people thanks to the introduction of profile URLs. You can copy and share your personal URL online, allowing others to click through to your Snapchat profile and add you to their friends list.
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Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth soars overnight to a lofty $47 billion

Following a massive overnight growth in stock, Mark Zuckerberg has beaten out the Koch Brothers on the "rich list," with a net worth of $47 billion, making him the sixth wealthiest person on the planet.
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Clear your calendar, these are the best times to get matched on Tinder, OkCupid

New Tinder and OkCupid user stats reveal how you can boost your chances of finding a match by logging into the dating apps at certain times of the day. These tend to be the hours when most people are online.
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Could Apple’s former top PR executive turn things around at Twitter?

It's reported that Twitter is close to hiring Natalie Kerris, a top Apple PR veteran. Kerris spent 14 years at Apple, working on some of the company's major products. If she accepts the job, she could help turn the social network around.
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Now you can stay in and 'Netflix and Chill' with this Airbnb listing

Binge watchers rejoice, the "Netflix and Chill Room" on Airbnb is an NYC apartment catered toward Netflix addicts. The Manhattan pad contains a bed with Netflix bedspread, HD projector, and Apple TV with Netflix account.

You can now send GIFs in Tinder via Giphy

Giphy and Tinder are partnering up to bring GIF integration to the Tinder app. Now you can create closer bonds by sharing your true feelings through GIFs. The feature is live now, but it's slowly rolling out to users throughout the day.
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Facebook announces record 2015 profits, driven by increases in mobile

Facebook announced record earnings for Q4 2015 and the full year, exceeding expectations. The company attributes the positive results to increases in mobile users and mobile advertising.

Facebook will augment the basic ‘Like’ with anger, sadness, laughter, but no dislike 0:30

Facebook has unveiled a new pack of reactions for status updates, letting the 1.4 billion social network users send more than a like to friends. Sadly, for those hoping for a dislike button, it is not there.

SoundCloud’s top charts help you discover hottest tracks, podcasts

SoundCloud has launched a number of new music and audio charts on its streaming service. Sorted by play count, the charts cover a range of music genres and make it easier to discover the most popular tracks and podcasts in one place.