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Prepare to see Twitter ads based on your favorite emojis

Next time you tweet out a pizza emoji, you may get served an ad from a fast food chain on Twitter. Yes, emoji-targeting is now a thing, and considering 110 billion tweets containing emojis have been shared since 2014, it's going to be huge.
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Facebook VP says the social network will be ‘all video’ in five years

A Facebook VP has proclaimed that the platform will be dominated by video in the near future, as text posts witness a year-on-year decline. The statement was made by Facebook's Nicola Mendelsohn at a summit in London.
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Facebook, Google, and Twitter hit with lawsuit from father of Paris attack victim

Facebook, Google, and Twitter are facing a lawsuit from the father of a woman killed in last November's Paris terror attacks. It claims the firms "knowingly permitted" IS to use its tools to attract members, raise funds, and spread…
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Twitter rolls out ‘Live’ streaming button for Periscope broadcasts to everyone

Twitter has launched a "Live" camera button that connects to Periscope, allowing users to quickly launch live broadcasts. The feature sees Twitter once again playing catch-up with rival Facebook Live.

Getty claims man stole as many as 3,400 of its images, resold them on Facebook

An Ohio man is facing charges after allegedly gaining access to paid Getty Images accounts, then downloading and reselling as many 3,400 photos on a private Facebook group using code words like "spaghetti" and "apple."
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Pinterest just bought smart keyboard company Fleksy

Pinterest, in what may be an effort to improve the search and recommendations on its site, has acquired Fleksy, a smart keyboard company. Financial terms of the deal weren't revealed, however, we do know that Pinterest didn't acquire…
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Pinterest now offers ad-targeting tools to boost business accounts

Pinterest just added three tools -- similar to what Facebook and Twitter already offer -- to enhance marketing and advertising for business profiles, including "customer list targeting” aimed at existing customers.
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Facebook provides new suicide prevention tools for users and their friends

Facebook is updating its suicide prevention tools and making them available to users around the world, in an effort to make the reporting process quicker. The support functions were created in collaboration with mental health organizations.

Facebook reintroduces SMS integration to Messenger for Android

Potentially ideal for anyone that loves Facebook Messenger and has friends that hate using Facebook, the chat platform has restored SMS support on its Android app, allowing users to communicate with their friends outside of the social…

Report: Twitter invests $70 million in SoundCloud music streaming service

Twitter has invested $70 million into SoundCloud as part of a funding round that saw the music streaming service raise $100 million, according to a new report. The social network had previously considered acquiring the platform in 2014.
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Mark Zuckerberg confirms he is not a lizard during Facebook Live Q&A chat

Mark Zuckerberg presented his very first Facebook Live Q&A session on Tuesday, with questions from users covering a wide range of topics. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld even turned up at one point, and managed to get the Zuck to reveal…
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Twitter lets you reach into your archives to retweet and quote tweet yourself

Twitter now lets you celebrate past glories from your archive of tweets by allowing you to retweet and quote tweet yourself with the tap of a button. The update is the first of many planned changes to the core tweeting experience.