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Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball hat lights up Twitter

Donald Trump's new ball cap with the "Make America Great Again" slogan is all the rage on social media. When the billionaire debuted the hat at the U.S.-Mexico border, he got many on Twitter to talk about it.

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Twitter deletes tweets that include the text of stolen jokes, points to copyright policy

Did you hear the one about Twitter deleting tweets because they were reported as stolen jokes? The company is cracking down on joke theft and it’s using the notorious DMCA as justification for deleting jokes reported as stolen, no questions asked.

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For it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out: Wife’s infidelity uncovered at ball game

Two sisters attending the Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game on Wednesday night claim they helped expose a man’s cheating wife after they caught her sexting with another man on her cellphone.

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Why you might soon be able to edit your tweets, thanks to Kim Kardashian

Do you ever wish you could go back and edit your tweets? If you do, you're not alone, and Twitter has hinted it's thinking about adding the feature — thanks to some celebrity star power.

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Glif is the social media tool that lets you tell branded-content stories

Glif is the new social media tool that lets brands create branded video content that feels less like marketing, but more like a conversation. It doesn't require an app to download--just the use of a simple hashtag.

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Nintendo invites Facebook employees to try their hand at Super Mario Maker levels

Facebook hackathons are an integral part of the company's culture, but while they aren't all about business, they aren't usually about playing games. That will all change later this month when Nintendo shows up with copies of Super Mario Maker.


Here’s how to use your GoPro Hero3 cam for Meerkat live-streaming

Meerkat now supports the GoPro Hero camera for live-streaming video. The integration, currently in beta, marks the first time the app is extending broadcasting outside of a mobile device.


Welcome back, Flickr Pro: Premium plan returns with improved analytics, no ads

Flickr is reintroducing its Pro subscription plan. For $50 a year, users get access to new and improved analytics, ad-free browsing, and discounts for Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography plan and Flickr merchandise.


Microsoft launches Send, its email-based messaging app

Microsoft has launched Send, an iOS-only (for now) app that makes emailing friends and co-workers feel more like a simple messaging exchange, with no need for signatures, subject lines, or salutations.


In response to Donald Trump’s abuse of his phone number, Lindsey Graham destroys phone

After Donald Trump, the world's most politically incorrect combover, decided to unceremoniously give out Lindsey Graham's phone number, the South Carolina senator decided to destroy his phone, and show the world how to do it.


The AP opens a YouTube time portal with the largest archival upload ever

The Associated Press has teamed up with Movietone to offer 550,000 videos over 100 years of archival news clips on YouTube, allowing users to search for everything from footage of the Pearl Harbor bombing to the fall of the Berlin Wall.

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Mark Zuckerberg’s life in photos, from diapers to Facebook

Facebook is, no doubt, a social media giant, but who's the man behind this billion dollar idea? We take a look at the life of Mark Zuckerberg.

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Facebook tastes its own medicine, forced to hand over user information

Facebook has lost its appeal on blocking a number of New York search warrants. A unanimous ruling held that social media giant "does not have the power to ask a judge to throw out search warrants before they have been executed."

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Feed your inner crazy cat person by visiting this museum’s exhibit on Internet felines

If you're looking for the intersection of high and low culture, look no further than the Museum of the Moving Image. Next month, the Queens, New York, museum will be opening an exhibit dedicated to the history of cats on the Internet.


Unhappy users want to know why Twitter just killed background images

Twitter has taken away users' background images on their profiles, notifications pages, and timelines, the company confirmed. Now, all that users see is a dull and drab white background, and it doesn't make them happy.

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