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Staying the course — Jack Dorsey to remain at the helm of both Twitter and Square

Jack Dorsey is at the helm of both Twitter and Square. And despite the many challenges, that's how things are going to stay. Twitter missed Wall Street's revenue targets, posting just 1 percent year-over-year growth.
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When the temperature goes down, the swipes go up, Tinder data shows

When Winter Storm Jonas hit the same region of the nation in January 0f 2016, Tinder reported seeing an increase of 10 percent on the day of the storm, resulting in more than 25 million matches during the worst weather.
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Snapchat’s first unscripted original will be a reality show about breakups

Snapchat is about to get its first unscripted original show courtesy of the latest in its recent run of video content deals, this time with entertainment media company A+E Networks.

Facebook and Oculus are working on gloves for finger tracking in virtual reality

Facebook CEO and Oculus VR owner Mark Zuckerberg recently toured the Oculus Research Lab and used prototype gloves for virtual reality. He also showcased other parts of the facility including a "clean room" and an anechoic chamber.
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Facebook now lets you check the weather forecast on mobile and desktop

Facebook's new tool is here to replace the weather app on your phone or desktop. Facebook Weather is the first time the social network has offered a full-fledged forecast, complete with customization options and notifications.

Put down that wallet before buying a PC — Intel just teased its eighth-gen CPU

Intel hopped onto Twitter on Thursday to tease customers with an eighth-generation Core processor carrot believed to be filled with ... coffee. The new chips are expected to launch later this year.

Tinder for moms? Peanut app helps get gang together for friendship, playdates

Facebook and Twitter aren't a great way for moms to chat, but Peanut, a new social network for iOS, is tailor-made for just that purpose. It's launching in the U.S. and U.K. in February ahead of a global rollout.

'Where have all my subscribers gone?' YouTube glitch drastically slashes stats

A weird YouTube glitch on Wednesday saw subscriber numbers for some of the site's popular channels slashed by hundreds of thousands. The video streaming giant admitted there was an error, and said it was trying to sort a fix.
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Snap makes key hire to ensure no one copies Snapchat features again

Snap Inc. isn’t happy about Facebook stealing Snapchat's features. To ensure its products are safe from plagiarism, the company has hired a security expert whose startup specializes in protecting software from reverse-engineering.
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Facebook to start testing AI review system for discriminatory advertising

Facebook is continuing its efforts to ensure nobody uses its tools to create biased ads that exclude people based on ethnicity. On Wednesday, the company announced updates to its ad policies to combat discrimination and educate marketers.
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Take a picture, and Pinterest will generate recommended pins for you

Finding pins of things that inspire you in real life will soon be easier than ever with a new suite of Pinterest visual tools powered by AI. The new tools generate suggested pins based on other photos or even your camera.
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More than 200 million people now use Facebook Lite every month

Facebook Lite isn't so light in users. On Wednesday, the social media giant announced that more than 200 million people are now using the stripped down version of its app every month.