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Twitter safe search will now automatically hide ‘sensitive’ content on Android

One of Twitter's latest anti-abuse features is now automatically enabled on Android. The move sees the platform take a more proactive approach by hiding offensive tweets from various sections of its site using algorithms.
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Feeling patriotic? Here’s how to add a flag to your Facebook profile pic

Facebook now lets you revel in your national pride by adding a country’s flag to your profile photo. The icon will appear at the top left of your main pic either permanently or for a set duration of time.
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Facebook is bringing ad breaks to more live and on-demand videos

Get ready to see ad breaks in more Facebook videos on your News Feed. The company announced on Thursday it is expanding its mid-roll ads feature test to target both live and on-demand video creators.
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DeviantArt will soon be getting a refresh after its acquisition by Wix

Today, the web design platform Wix announced the acquisition of DeviantArt, an online community for artists and designers. As part of the change, DeviantArt's longstanding web design will likely be getting a modern refresh.
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People who use these phrases are more likely to stick to their diet

Researchers studied the words and phrases of more than 2 million tweets and over 100,000 daily fitness app entries. They found that people who use more positive phrases were more likely to stick to their day-to-day diet plan.

Perspective is a new tool from Google that helps weed out ugly comments online

Perspective is a new technology from Google and Jigsaw that employs machine learning to identify toxic comments. Once these comments are identified, publishers or users can start to weed them out.
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Do you Finstagram? The new way teens are using Instagram in private

Teens tired of the fake aura of Instagram are creating secondary accounts, known as a "Finstagram," to express themselves among their closest friends. Just don't go expecting an invite into the exclusive club.

Are you reading stories or texts? They're one and the same with Tap

Admit it – you love snooping. It’s ok, we all do. And social publishing platform Wattpad knows it. Tapping into our nosiest of desires is a new app from the company named Tap, which presents content in the form of text…
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Fifth-grader hits up police Facebook site for emergency homework help

A question about math homework isn't the usual kind of emergency that cops have to deal with, but when a Facebook message came through to a local police department in Ohio recently, an officer was happy to help.
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Snapchat's bright yellow Spectacles kiosks could be on the verge of going global

Snapchat may have released its video-recording sunglasses online, but that doesn’t mean it’s retiring its Spectacles kiosks. Users have spotted a new Snapbot animation on the Spectacles website. But what does it mean?
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Gordon Ramsay is eviscerating people on Twitter, and everyone loves it

If you've seen what he's willing to say on national television, then surely, you can't be surprised by what he's willing to spout on social media. We're talking about Gordon Ramsay, who is taking his cringe-worthy criticism to Twitter.
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Instagram rolls out controversial photo album feature on iOS and Android

Up until now, only brands could share multiple photos in a single Instagram post. Now, the photo-focused social network is rolling out the feature for all users of its iOS and Android app.