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You can now send GIFs in Tinder via Giphy

Giphy and Tinder are partnering up to bring GIF integration to the Tinder app. Now you can create closer bonds by sharing your true feelings through GIFs. The feature is live now, but it's slowly rolling out to users throughout the day.
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Facebook announces record 2015 profits, driven by increases in mobile

Facebook announced record earnings for Q4 2015 and the full year, exceeding expectations. The company attributes the positive results to increases in mobile users and mobile advertising.

Facebook will augment the basic ‘Like’ with anger, sadness, laughter, but no dislike 0:30

Facebook has unveiled a new pack of reactions for status updates, letting the 1.4 billion social network users send more than a like to friends. Sadly, for those hoping for a dislike button, it is not there.

SoundCloud’s top charts help you discover hottest tracks, podcasts

SoundCloud has launched a number of new music and audio charts on its streaming service. Sorted by play count, the charts cover a range of music genres and make it easier to discover the most popular tracks and podcasts in one place.
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YouTube donation cards let viewers donate money to charity without leaving site

YouTube has rolled out a new Donations Card feature that lets creators raise money for a non-profit charity of their choice, directly from their videos. As a result, viewers will be able to contribute money without ever leaving…
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Turmoil at Twitter: Four top executives leave company, some for competitors

Twitter executives Katie Jacobs Stanton, Kevin Weil, Skip Shipper, and Alex Roetter are leaving the struggling social media company. Weil will be taking over the same position at Facebook-owned Instagram.

Need a new friend, ladies? Swipe right on Hey! Vina

There's now a concept similar to Tinder for creating truly platonic relationships based on mutual friends, proximity, and in-app quiz data. So download Hey! Vina, and swipe right for a new gal pal.

The face of Microsoft Windows Phone uses an iPhone

It's kinda tough to represent brand loyalty when you don't practice it yourself. Especially when you're the face of Microsoft's Windows Phone and you're caught tweeting with an iPhone.
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Instagramming about marijuana could result in 6-figure fine, jail time

A new report warns Instagram users posting images of themselves smoking weed could face a fine and jail time in states with harsh anti-marijuana laws. Fines of up to $150,000 and an 18 month jail sentence could be handed down.

Don’t just record the action with a GoPro, broadcast it live with Periscope

GoPro now supports live broadcasting from a Hero4 Black or Silver camera, thanks to a newly announced integration with Periscope. The feature lets you stream footage in real-time to the Periscope community.
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What does Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe say about him?

Mark Zuckerberg's latest Facebook post reveals what the tech mogul wears to work. The status, which has now been shared over a million times, offers an exclusive glimpse into Zuckerberg's distinct fashion style.
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Researchers develop sarcasm detector for Twitter, and that’s no joke

Researchers have figured out how to detect sarcasm on Twitter at an 85 percent rate of accuracy through evaluating the profile, history of content, user details, and information in the user's profile.