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Twitter claims users trust social media influencers as much as their own friends

Twitter says social media stars on Vine, Instagram, YouTube, and its own platform can influence your purchasing habits as much as your own friends. The claims come in the wake of a study into the clout wielded by social media creators.
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WhatsApp offers extra convenience with new desktop app for Windows and Mac

You can already use it on your smartphone and on the Web. And for extra convenience, WhatsApp has just rolled out a desktop app for Windows and Mac that offers a few extra features over the Web version.
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Facebook had to dumb down Moments for Europe and Canada — here’s why

Facebook has launched Moments in Europe and Canada, but there's something missing from the app -- it's a bit dumber. Why? Privacy laws, of course. Because of these, the company has had to remove its facial recognition tech from the app.
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Claims that Facebook suppressed conservative news spur letter from Senate panel

The Senate Commerce Committee wants to know more about how Facebook's Trending Topics feature works, after claims saying the company suppresses conservative news surfaced. Facebook has a deadline of May 24 to respond.
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Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel dropped $12.5M on this star’s former Brentwood home

Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel is making a home for himself and girlfriend Miranda Kerr in a Brentwood mansion reportedly worth $12.5 million. The luxurious property was home to actor Harrison Ford for almost 30 years.
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Periscope to implement new save and search options, drone-based streaming

Twitter-owned live-streaming service Periscope is learning a few new tricks. It'll let you save and search broadcasts, plus stream from a DJI Phantom quadcopters. The new features read like a laundry list of responses to Facebook's…

Google is testing this significant change to how it presents its search results

Google's iconic search results page may soon get a pretty significant facelift -- the company is testing using black links instead of the well-loved blue. If social media backlash is anything to go by it's unlikely the change will become…
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Facebook denies ex-employees’ accusations that it suppresses conservative news

Facebook has released a statement denying that it prevents news from conservative media outlets from appearing on its trending feed. The claims were attributed to former employees in a recent report on the platform's top-secret news…

Taking a selfie? Try not to destroy any statues while you're at it

In an attempt to take a photo of himself with a 126-year-old statue of a 16th-century Portuguese king, an overzealous 24-year-old actually climbed on top of the structure, thereby causing it to collapse and crumble.

Make texts more expressive (and absurd) by creating your own emoji 2:20

Generic emojis are for suckers, especially when you can use an app like Bitmoji to turn yourself into an emoji. Here's a quick breakdown of the app's biggest features.

Tweets talk: A review of Twitter’s review of Drake’s new album, Views

At 11 P.M. EST, Drake released his highly anticipated fourth album Views on iTunes, and within minutes Twitter was inundated with hundreds of people sharing their opinions on his latest opus. Digital Trends breaks down how accurate those…
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Did Twitter tell Dataminr to stop feeding intelligence agencies?

Twitter has apparently ended a two-year working relationship between information discovery company Dataminr, which has access to every Twitter post, and key agencies in the U.S. intelligence community.