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A new pastime? Americans log the most time on messaging apps

According to a new study from digital market intelligence firm SimilarWeb, U.S. smartphone users spend the longest time using messaging apps when compared to other smartphone-obsessed countries.
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It may be banned there, but Twitter estimates around 10 million active users in China

According to sources within Twitter, who spoke to TechCrunch about the latest numbers in the Asian nation, there are around 10 million active tweeters in China. The platform has been blocked in China since 2009, so that's pretty impressive…
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If you’re reporting news in China, you can no longer cite social media

We may have been banned from citing Wikipedia articles in our high school papers, but according to new Chinese laws, it's social media that is the truly illegitimate source for journalism.
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Facebook is a ‘monster’ that obstructs terror investigations, says Israel’s Interior Minister

Israel's Interior Minister has labeled Facebook a "monster" that is deterring terror investigations by not taking down extremist content from its platform. The damning allegations were made during a TV interview.
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Ex-Facebook employee says company ordered women to avoid ‘distracting clothing’

Former Facebook product manager Antonio Garcia Martinez has released a new book that details the "oppressive" conditions at the social network, particularly for female workers. Martinez worked at the company for two years before being…
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Live-stream tonight’s dinner on Twitch; Social Eating is now a ‘thing’

Live stream your next family dinner on Twitch's new Social Eating category. The concept is hugely popular in South Korea, and users in South Korea campaigned for Twitch to add a category dedicated to watching others eat.

SEC filing from LinkedIn acquisition reveals five suitors

Documents filed with the SEC on Friday unveiled that there were at least five total corporations interested in buying up the business-oriented social network. Aside from Microsoft, the other four remain unnamed.
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Facebook's Messenger platform now has quick replies, video support and more

Hot on the heels of news that Messenger now has 11,000 bots, Facebook has added a slew of features to the platform, including ratings and quick replies. The features should help improve user engagement with bots.
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No English? No problem: Facebook can translate posts into different languages

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow you to automatically translate posts. Once translated, posts will display in their translated versions to those who don't speak the language of the original post.
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Security researcher dumps 427 million hacked Myspace passwords online

A security researcher has published 427 million passwords from the recent Myspace hack online for anyone to download and scrutinize. Users should change their passwords if they think they’ve been affected.

11,000 bots now live on Facebook Messenger after just three months

Facebook launched bots on Messenger just three months ago, but developers are all over it. Over 11,000 bots have launched in that short period of time, but is anyone actually talking with the things?
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Don’t just like: Give. Facebook flips the switch on donate button for nonprofits

Facebook has launched a set of tools that allow you to raise money from your friends to donate to a registered non-profit charity of your choice. The feature will be rolled out to all U.S. users over the coming weeks.