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Facebook is testing its Slideshow musical video tool on Android

Facebook could finally be bringing its Slideshow feature to Android. Launched on iOS in June, Slideshow groups together recently uploaded media, such as images and video clips, into a video with musical accompaniment.

Facebook is helping Chrome and Firefox to speed up the web

Over the past two years, Facebook’s cooperation with browser vendors Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox has dramatically improved web page reload speeds, according to the company.

Snap's new Spectacles wearable is so hot it's melting – literally

As one owner of a pair of Spectacles (described as "sunglasses that Snap" photos) told TechCrunch, the case for the picture-taking glasses melted after a charging session. The Spectacles were purchased just a month ago from the pop-up in…
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Facebook’s latest News Feed update could show you longer videos

Facebook is further honing in on your video viewing habits as part of its latest News Feed algorithm update. Over the coming weeks, longer videos you engage with will receive a ranking bump over shorter clips.
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New Twitter Explore tab could have you glued to its mobile app

Twitter is replacing its Moments tab with a new Explore section on its iOS and Android mobile apps. The motivation behind the new and improved tab is to bridge the gap between its curated and live news and video features
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Lock down your Facebook profile security with the social network’s new privacy tool

Worried about your Facebook privacy? Then you need to check out Facebook’s new profile security guide. The interactive tool, dubbed Privacy Basics, is a must for both newcomers and ardent users interested in maintaining their online…

I/O, here we come! CEO Pichai confirms May 17-19 as dates for Google event

Google's annual developer conference is just a few months away. Google I/O will take place in May, and will likely be the launchpad for many exciting new Google projects. Here's all the news and rumors you need to know.
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Keep your Facebook account safer with a physical USB key or NFC-enabled phone

Starting today, users and companies can further secure their Facebook accounts on PC or Chrome for Android using a USB- or NFC-compatible physical security key.
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Facebook’s Trending feed updates target fake news at the cost of personalization

Facebook is launching a set of updates for its mishap-prone Trending feature. The social network claims the updates will help it to eliminate fake news from its Trending feed — in particular via its new topic identification system.
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Raftr is a new social network that puts stories, not people, front and center

Raftr, a news-centric social network founded by former Yahoo president Sue Decker, aims to foster communities around ongoing stories. It's exiting beta after a six-month incubation period.

Facebook's latest test brings large, unavoidable ads to Messenger

With Facebook running out of ad space on its flagship platform, it is now intent on bringing sponsored content to its Messenger app. the new ads are being tested in two countries, Australia and Thailand.
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Facebook clones another Snapchat feature with the debut of Stories

Facebook's new Stories feature, much like Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, creates an ephemeral montage of photos and videos that you and friends can view for up to 24 hours.