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North Carolina governor to change bathroom bill, but not the bathroom part

North Carolina Governor McCrory responded to public and private outcry, issuing an executive order changing anti-LGBT HB2, but not bathroom limits. Private companies can as they wish, but government buildings and public school bathrooms…

Facebook thinks its new antennas could help bring Internet to the masses

Facebook is on a mission to connect the world to the Internet. Its next way of doing so? Huge antennas that could beam access for miles, bringing Internet even to those living in rural areas beyond city limits.

Nintendo’s first social networking experiment seems to be an early success

According to a recent report, Nintendo's Miitomo, the company's first foray into the mobile app market, is off to a pretty good start. However, as with all apps, it's not about how you start, but how you persist.
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Here are the first 40 Facebook Messenger Chatbots you can use right now

Calling businesses will soon be a thing of the past if Facebook has its way. The company has launched Agents on Messenger, its take on chatbots and a feature it hopes will revolutionize how we interact with businesses.

This high-tech camera vest gives your pooch a shot at social media stardom 1:50

There are a growing number of gadgets and gizmos that we can stick on our dog, but how many of them take photos and post them to Facebook? Pedigree's "Posting Vest" may only be a prototype at this stage, but we bet there's a…
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Stephen Hawking gains 1.5 million followers on China’s Weibo in less than 24 hours

Stephen Hawking has a huge following in China. Within 24 hours of sharing his first post on Chinese social network, Weibo, the renowned cosmologist and author amassed 1.5 million followers.
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Facebook gets silly with animated profile videos from Vine, Boomerang, and more

Facebook has launched a new Snapchat-style tool that allows users to customize their profiles using animated videos. The "Profile Expression Kit" integrates with video apps including Vine, Boomerang, and more.
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VR, 360 cameras, and Chatbots, oh my! Here’s everything you missed from Facebook’s F8

Did you miss the keynote for Facebook's F8 developers conference? Luckily for you, we've put together a round up of every big announcement at the conference -- from 360-degree cameras to chatbots, it's all here!

Facebook and Microsoft may offer equal pay, but women in tech still earn less

Happy Equal Pay Day! Numerous tech giants may say they offer equal pay, but they still have a huge gender disparity in their workforce. Facebook added only 1 percent to its female tech global workforce in 2015, pushing it to a measly 16…
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Grab a table, FoodNiche is the latest social network for foodies

Meet FoodNiche, described as a "food-focused application that takes the pain out of finding trusted information needed to create great dining experiences." Meant for foodies, this app promises to "intelligently connect users to…
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Zuckerberg’s vision for the future of VR is ordinary glasses with extraordinary powers

Facebook's 10-year roadmap includes a huge push into virtual reality -- but also a move into augmented reality. CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave us a peek at a normal-looking pair of glasses, that will soon offer a new way to communicate with each…

Facebook wants to set standard for VR capture with Surround 360 camera

VR cameras have had somewhat of a slow start, but Facebook hopes to change that. The company has announced Surround 360, a completely open-source VR camera that could be the new standard in 360-degree video capture.