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Here’s the perfect Spotify playlist for Halloween

The end of October is one of the best times to hold a gathering of friends at your humble abode – in costume, obviously. But the success of a Halloween party shouldn’t end with clever outfits and snacks (and/or booze) – every memorable moment deserves an awesome soundtrack to go with it. 

Finding themed tracks on Spotify is actually not that hard if you know what you’re looking for, and the fact that the music-streaming service has over 20 million tracks doesn’t hurt your desire for some variety. To help you get started on your party mix, we went ahead and compiled some of our favorite tunes we think would fit the Halloween gloom. We chose tracks from TV shows and movies that have memorable theme songs as well as characters that scared the crap out of you. It’s got a lot of rock anthems (and for artists that aren’t available on Spotify, their tribute versions), old school classics, current hits that have a haunting sound, and of course, the ever-iconic Michael Jackson track perfect for the holiday that needs no introduction.

What’s your go-to song this coming Halloween? Feel free to let us know through comments below.