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Facebook Live goes beyond smartphones with Windows 10 app update

The Facebook app for Windows 10 now lets you record and share Live broadcasts from your desktop and tablet. The unique feature is currently limited to Windows 10 devices. Everyone else can use Facebook Live only on their smartphones.

It is unclear at this stage whether Facebook will introduce the update to its apps for Apple iOS and OSX devices or Android tablets.

The update is currently rolling out, meaning not all Windows 10 users will be able to immediately access the “Go Live” option when they open up their Facebook app, according to WinBeta. The small livestreaming icon can be seen in the “update status” box, alongside other media-related features, such as image sharing and emojis.

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For general users, Facebook Live has been presented as a mobile-only option, allowing you to broadcast your actions on the go. Like Periscope, the Facebook Live network includes a world map, which allows viewers to easily tune into live broadcasts from around the globe.

Unique features, including support for professional cameras and multiple-camera use, have been thus far limited to Facebook’s media partners. The social network also recently launched the ability to record and share 24-hour livestreams, in the hopes of attracting nature-oriented broadcasters.

Facebook launched Windows 10 apps for its flagship platform and its Messenger chat service on April 28, promising faster loading times and the latest features.

Livestreaming from a desktop, and to a lesser extent from a tablet, will be more restrictive. However, Facebook is likely seeking all avenues of growth for its burgeoning service. Facebook Live has already had its fair share of success. Its biggest organic hit was the Chewbacca Mom video that saw Candace Payne don a wookie mask to become an overnight sensation. A subsequent appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden and a personal invitation to Facebook’s HQ from Mark Zuckerberg cemented her status as an internet celebrity.