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Why fork over your hard earned cash on some newfangled wearable exercise gizmo when you’ve already got a smartphone stowed in your pocket? That compact computer hosts a multitude of sensors, and with the right selection of apps and a little discipline, it can be as powerful a workout companion as dedicated trainer.

Whether you’re looking to track your miles, find a little motivation, eat healthier, sleep better, or simply make exercise slightly more entertaining, there’s likely an app for that very purpose. Thankfully, we’ve taken the time to dig through the Google Play Store and bring you an in-depth roundup of the best fitness apps for Android. Now, if you can only stick to the routine.

Updated on 2-4-15 by Joe Donovan: Reformatted and added Map My Run, FitnessBuilder, NexTrack, and several others.

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Activity Trackers

Simply looking to keep track of your runs and day-to-day activities with a little feedback in the form of charts and graphs? Check out the notable selection of apps below.

Runkeeper (Free)

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Runkeeper allows you to use your phone’s GPS transceiver to log your running pace and distance on various routes. Users can additionally set a goal pace, and the app will feed you audio updates to stay on track with the tempo. Our favorite feature remains the app’s music integration, which allows you to listen to your tunes and skip tracks without leaving the app.

Runtastic (Free)

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Runtastic is smartphone staple, with a simple interface that doesn’t sacrifice advanced features. The no-frills app uses your smartphone’s sensors to track metrics, such as your distance and relative pace, as well as calories burned and your heart rate. A few extra features, such as 3D mapping and a workout diary, only complement the app’s wearable integration.

Endomondo ($3)


Endomondo pairs basic fitness tracking (i.e. pace, distance, calories burned) with a virtual coach that lets you set your own goals. It also features a few unique components you won’t find anywhere else, including the ability to race against a virtual ghost and receive live pep talks from your friends as you work out. After all, a little encouragement goes a long way in the long run.

Moves (Free)

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The aptly-titled Moves automatically tracks your daily movements — whether walking, cycling, or running — with your smartphone’s GPS. It then displays the data in an easy-to-read timeline that makes for an entertaining, intuitive diary. It also connects with other apps and recognizes specific places in your life, helping you better visualize your routines and habits.

Map My Run (Free)

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Providing a detailed workout summary charting your distance and pace is MapMyRun’s bread and butter. The app also counts the amount of calories you burn and charts your elevation profile. Moreover, itallows you to control music and incoming calls directly within the app. The ability to save past workouts and share your success adds to the appeal.

Instant Heart Rate (Free)

instant heart rate 4

With Instant Heart Rate, you merely need to touch your index finger to your smartphone’s camera lens to gauge your pulse with real-time charts. The app will then help identify if your heart is beating fast enough to burn fat, while providing a snapshot of your heart’s overall health. You can also record your activity and share the results via Facebook or Twitter.

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