Best iPhone fitness apps

If you’re trying to lose weight, stay healthy, work on your fitness, or eat better foods, your iPhone can be a helpful tool – but only if you have the right apps. We dug through hundreds of apps out there to give you our take on the best apps in the App Store to help you stay healthy and fit.

Updated on 01-16-2015 by Joe Donovan: Added 5 new apps, including Fitness Builder and Lifesum. More of an Android person? Check out our favorite Android fitness apps.

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Sometimes, the prospective health benefits of exercise aren’t merely enough to get you out the door and on the trail. The apps below are designed to give you another compelling reason, whether it’s the opportunity to earn virtual badges, a chance to win actual prizes, or simply the prospect to not get ridiculed.

Challenges (free)


No matter if you’re running a marathon or running the vacuum cleaner, Nexercize will track your fitness progress. The app tracks over 200 different activities and rewards your efforts with points that can be redeemed for fitness prizes and coupons.

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Fleetly (free)


Fleetly can track your mileage, suggest workout routines, and provide metrics on how you progress over time. The best part is the challenges feature, which allows users to set goals or choose dozens of pre-made challenges. Badges and medals come standard.

Tempo Run ($3)


Music is a powerful workout companion. Tempo Run measures the tempo of music in your library and categorizes the tracks based on the running speed they’re best suited for. The app streams thousands of pre-categorized tracks via SoundCloud, too.

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Carrot ($2)


Okay, so this is really just a to-do list, but it’s got an attitude, and it’s a wonderful motivator. If you don’t complete an item on your list (like “work out”) in a reasonable amount of time, it’ll berate you for being such a lazy piece of garbage.

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Teemo (free)

Teemo Images

Choose from one of 10 globetrotting adventures. Locales include the Caribbean and icy slopes of Everest. It’s a scenario game at its core, encouraging you to conquer the geography-based obstacles solo or in relay-like fashion alongside your friends.

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Instant Heart Rate (free)


Touch your index finger to the iPhone’s camera lens to gauge your pulse with real-time charts. It’ll identify if your heart is beating fast enough to burn fat. The app records your activity, and then lets you share your results via Facebook or Twitter.

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