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This smartwatch for seniors is a wearable life tracker

This smart watch for seniors establishes patterns for daily behavior, letting caregivers notice if their loved ones have lost some pep from their step. The Tempo provides preventative instead of reactive care.


Are you stressed out? Hack your vagus nerve with this wearable and chill out

On the surface, this weird wearable is all about de-stressing and living more healthily. Underneath, it’s a tool for hacking something called the vagus nerve, which could help…

  • Pros: Made by a mad scientist , Helps demystify stress , Potential…
  • Cons: Ugly design , Temperamental app , Unclear goals for the…

Apple what? Garmin's fenix 3 is a smartwatch, fitness band and GPS watch in 1

The fenix 3 may have the same basic shape, button layout, and functionality as the previous version, but nearly everything has been improved.

  • Pros: Smart notifications , ANT+ and Wi-Fi compatible , Waterproof…
  • Cons: Only one alarm , Poor sleep tracking , Nearly all settings…

Apple Watch preorders are selling on eBay for as much as $13,499

Apple’s new smartwatch is turning out to be a good source of dough for shady eBay scalpers. If you missed out on the pre-orders and are looking to waste some currency, the Internet would be more than willing to oblige.

Long awaited Jawbone UP3 starts shipping April 20, but with lower water resistance

Jawbone says its UP3 fitness tracker will start shipping at the end of April, months later than expected. Design issues led to the delay, with the company announcing the device is now only splash-proof, and not fully waterproof as originally advertised.


67 people “liked” this insulin update: Is healthcare ready for hashtags?

What happens when a defibrillator has Wi-Fi, or a pacemaker can be monitored from a smartphone? Intel Security's latest report details the threats and challenges the world could face on the road toward internet-connected Healthcare.


Apple employees will get 50 percent off the Apple Watch, just not the $10,000 one

The Apple Watch gets its big announcement on March 9 in San Francisco. Here's everything you need to know about the specs, price, and release date.


When standing desks tire you out, this balance board puts you back on your feet

Instead of allowing you to stand with bad posture, the board puts you on an uneven surface, which passively forces you to stand perfectly straight and use your core/leg muscles to stay balanced

Health & Fitness

Still skeptical about the Apple Watch? The first 24 apps won’t change your mind

None of the first 24 Apple Watch apps scream “game changer.” So what will it take?


Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Silver socks, electric lighters, a $179 3D printer

Check out our roundup of the coolest crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the Web this week. You can't buy this stuff yet, but it sure is fun to gawk!

Cool Tech

The first Apple Watch was actually just an iPhone velcroed to a guy’s wrist

Apple revealed the story of how the Apple Watch transformed from an iPhone with a velcro strap, to the polished product that will launch in April. More details about the software were also included in the interview.


Attention athletes: Skip the smartwatch and get Garmin's brilliant Vivoactive

Garmin’s new Vívoactive blends fitness tracking with GPS to deliver a lightweight, stylish, fitness watch that does much more than count steps.

  • Pros: On-board GPS and step tracking , ANT+ sensor connectivity…
  • Cons: Only one programmable alarm , Sleep tracking lacks detail…

Wild new wearable shines a light through your skin to measure lactate threshold

Designed to fit inside a compression sock, this sensor-packed device can record a wide range of different fitness metrics, including heart rate, cadence, pace, calories burned, and lactate threshold -- the latter of which has never been done before.

Cool Tech

Google searches are making you think you’re smarter than you are

With the widespread availability of the Internet, more knowledge than has ever been available before is now only a keystroke away. Unfortunately, all this information might not make us as smart as we think.