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Listening to Mozart may actually prevent seizures, new study claims

According to researchers from Ohio State University, people with epilepsy have different neural reactions to certain types of music, such as that of Mozart and John Coltrane, than those without epilepsy.

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Hands-on: RXActive gear uses built-in resistance bands to enhance your workout

RXActive combines resistance banding and compression wear to make exercise gear that adds challenge to the regular workout. When you wear RXActive resistance wear, even going grocery shopping can be like an easy day at the gym.

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YONO is the inner ear wearable for women looking to conceive

Vanessa Xi has developed the world's first in-ear wearable thermometer, known as YONO, that measures Basal Body Temperature, providing the data necessary for women trying to conceive.


10 tech stories you missed this week: Lexus hoverboard unveiled, Jon Stewart signs off

It can be challenging to keep track of everything that happens in the tech world. That's why, we have compiled a list of the top 10 tech stories from this week — just for you.


30 must-have Pebble Time apps, watchfaces, and games for your wrist

The cool thing about the Pebble is its ability to have third party apps, and we've compiled the ones you've got to have. It can only hold a few apps, so we've picked our eight favorite apps, games, and watchfaces for you to choose from.


Deflategate, Marshawn Lynch, and more will highlight The League’s final season

Season 7 of the FXX comedy The League will include a Deflategate episode and bring back Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch for another cameo. Lynch's role will spoof his team's notorious final play call in the Super Bowl.

Garmin Vector 2: Power (meter pedals) to the people

Garmin’s Vector 2 pedals provides a trove of data that will help serious cyclists improve their performance -- but knowledge can be expensive.

  • Pros: A treasure trove of useful data , Real-time data display…
  • Cons: Adds modest weight to your ride , Pedals are only Look Keo…

Moodnotes will track your feelings and help you manage your mental health

We all have stress and anxiety, but dealing with them is never easy. A new iOS app called Moodnotes will help you better identify your feelings to promote a greater sense of well-being. It's available now through the App Store


Spit in a tube to get a personalized health regimen based on your genes

Wondering if that new diet or exercise fad is right for you? Don't waste time trying it out, because this $100 DNA test is designed to help identify what lifestyle and diet choices are right for your body.


Adidas snaps up fitness platform Runtastic for bigger push into digital health

Adidas has acquired fitness-focused app maker Runtastic in a deal reportedly worth $239 million. The takeover comes just a few months after competitor Under Armour snapped up two similar startups – MyFitnessPal and Endomodo – for a total of $560 million.

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