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Stepping up its game, New Balance just 3D-printed running shoe components

New Balance has just launched its first ever 3D-printed running shoe. Taking its cue from Adidas, New Balance has announced a very high-tech update to its Fresh Foam Zante model, which will now feature a 3D-printed midsole.

With the ShareTheMeal app, your 50-cent donation can help end world hunger 0:55

Thanks to the ShareTheMeal app from the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), you can use your smartphone to help feed a child, one 50-cent donation at a time. Already, the app has garnered 81,000 new users and 600,000 shared…

Google Fit updates to give you real-time stats and track your strength training

The new Google Fit update is rolling out and can track strength training with pushups, situps, and squats. The app can now also pull data from various other fitness and nutrition apps.
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Social media used to track harmful side effects of narcotics medication

A recent study tracking social media platforms revealed harmful side effects when patients were prescribed narcotics for pain. Data also provided information regarding whether patients were adequately informed of potential side effects.
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MIT's ingestible tracker works like a high-tech stethoscope to measure vital signs from inside the body

MIT has developed an ingestible tracker that monitors vital signs from inside the digestive tract. It records heart and breathing rates, in addition to internal body temperature. It could be useful for future applications in the…

Apple reportedly enlists more suppliers to create the Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch might be an annualized device, as a new report from Taiwan claims Quanta chairman revealed the launch date for the Apple Watch 2 in an investor's call. We could see the second edition launch as soon as April 2016.
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The ShareRoller detachable e-bike motor fits rideshares and charges your phone

The ShareRoller is a detachable, easily portable friction drive that can e-motorize any bike or kick scooter. Detachable traction e-motors for bikes have been out there for a while, but none can match ShareRoller's features.
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These smartglasses don’t make you look like a cyborg, while giving you pilot-level stats

Want smartglasses that disguise the fact that you're wearing a $500 piece of tech? Everysight's Raptor smartglasses for cycling are a perfect example of the streamlining that happens as market competition grows.

This phone case contains an entire glucose testing kit for people with diabetes

Today saw the Indiegogo launch of GluCase, a smartphone case that holds an entire glucose testing kit built into a phone case. You still have to draw blood, but now you don't have to take up valuable briefcase real-estate with a bulky kit.
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New blood drawing technique could mean less needle pokes at the hospital

Fear of needles? Soon you may have one less thing to fear. Intermountain Healthcare and Velano Vascular are exploring new tech that could keep people from feeling like pin-cushions.

Callisto is a new sexual assault reporting system for the 21st century

A college sexual assault reporting system for the 21st century, Callisto intends to "provide a more empowering, transparent, and confidential reporting experience for college sexual assault survivors."