ViewSonic G Tablet

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From ViewSonic comes the G tablet. It’s has a 10 inch screen with 16 GBs of internal memory which can be expanded with an SD card. The G is WiFi and Bluetooth connected. It runs on Google’s Android system and is capable of 1080p video playback. There are two cameras, one front and one rear. Flash based web browsing is available. Access to thousands of apps on the Android market. Eight to ten hours of battery life and an HDMI port.

Features List:

– 10 inch screen

– Android OS

– 2 cameras

– HDMI port

– 8 – 10 hours of battery life

– 1080p video playback

Press Release

gTablet Software Update Successful

ViewSonic gTablet Now the Fastest 10” Android Tablet Available

WALNUT, CA December 27, 2010 ViewSonic Corp. announced today that its over-the-air (OTA) update of core software on the ViewSonic gTablet was completed successfully. Starting on Thursday, December 23, thousands of gTablet owners automatically received the software download directly to their gTablets.

“With this update, gTablet owners now have in their hands the fastest and most powerful 10” Android Tablet available,” said Adam Hanin, Vice President of Marketing. “The update included system optimizations as well as the ability for users to either use our custom interface for convenient access to information, or to enable a true Android 2.2 experience. We’ve heard nothing but positive comments from our users since rolling out this update.”

To enhance the gTablet user experience further, ViewSonic launched a “favorites” page with links to install major apps, the Adobe Flash® Player Plug-in and resource sites for games and productivity tools.

For further information on ViewSonic products, please visit or follow ViewSonic on Facebook,YouTube and Twitter.

ViewSonic Confirms High Performance of G-Tablet

Software Upgrade Release to Improve User Experience

WALNUT, Calif. – December 20, 2010 – ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions, today responded to recent retailer actions surrounding its G-Tablet 10.1” Android 2.2 Tablet. The gTablet, based on the nVidia Tegra II chipset, is one of the fastest Android tablets on the market today, consistently leading industry benchmarks.

“We always listen to customers; while they love the hardware, they raised several issues about the user interface,” Jeff Volpe, VP and GM for ViewSonic Americas. “As a result, our software partner is releasing an upgrade that will address customer concerns. Along with great performance improvements, customers will have the flexibility to use both a standard Android interface as well as a user-customizable interface which has been significantly enhanced since the product launch.” Volpe went on to say, “ViewSonic is committed to its tablet endeavors and will continue with new announcements at CES in January.”

Current gTablet owners will automatically receive the upgrade through their Wi-Fi connection by Friday, December 24. Users simply need to accept the request to install the upgrade. In addition, Adobe® Flash certification is targeted for the end of January 2011. In the interim, users can download Flash from various websites that distribute android applications.

For the latest on gTablet software updates, visit beginning Wednesday, December 22. For general questions, contact gTablet support at (866) 501-6405. For press inquiries, contact Melanie Lombardi at 415-992-4404 /

For further information on ViewSonic products, please visit or follow ViewSonic on Facebook,YouTube and Twitter.

About ViewSonic
ViewSonic® Corporation is a leading global provider of computing, consumer electronics and communications solutions. ViewSonic develops, markets and supports a broad range of innovative products, including LCD TVs, computers, LCD monitors, projectors, digital photo frames, digital signage displays and digital media players. For further information, please contact ViewSonic Corporation at 800.888.8583 or 909.444.8888; or visit

ViewSonic’s Finch Club offers resellers an opportunity to benefit from specialized product training and discounts. To sign up, please visit

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Digital Trend’s Tablet Buying Tips:

Wi-Fi or 3G?

Internet access is vital to tablets. As cool as these gadgets are, without the Internet, they can’t do much of anything.

Though Wi-Fi versions of most tablets are available, getting an always-on 3G connection is expensive. On most carriers, 3G access will run you about $30 a month for 5GB of “unlimited” data. On a tablet, it isn’t difficult to download 5GB of images, audio, and video from the Web in a month. AT&T is worse, offering only 2GB of data for $25 a month. Some carriers are even offering a $200 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Tab if you sign a two-year 3G contract. Before signing up for a plan like this, ask yourself if the $200 savings is worth the cumulative $720+ you’ll pay while locked into contract. Two years is a long time, especially in the tablet market.

Battery Life

At the moment tablet battery life ranges between 7 and 10 hours, with the iPad 2 leading the pack at over 10 hours. As a rule of thumb you’ll want to at least make sure the tablet will last you through the day, so consider what your average usage might in a day be before purchasing a tablet.

Screen Size

How portable does your tablet need to be? How large do you want your screen? The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a 7-inch screen, while the iPad has a much larger 9.7-inch screen. With tablets, the choice is more crucial, because size is the only thing that separates them from smartphones like the iPhone and Droid. Some reviewers have argued that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is too small, and isn’t usable for many tasks above those that 3- or 4-inch smartphones already perform competently. Steve Jobs made the same argument when explaining why Apple chose a 9.7-inch screen size. Our advice: The best way to settle on size is to visit a nearby AT&T or Verizon store and try out both devices for yourself.


Apple’s App Store is more robust at this point than Google’s Android Market, and has more apps customized for larger tablet screens. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to search for a few apps that you consider high priority.

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