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Take off your virtual reality headset and give the HoloLamp a whirl

HoloLamp is a portable, self-contained augmented reality experience that's sort of like virtual reality goggles without the goggles. The device is on display at this week's Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Mozilla to bring console-quality 3D games to Firefox browser

The Firefox browser will be supercharged with a new feature that will give you the capability to play Web-based games comparable in quality to console games without the need for plugins.

Exclusive interview: Jason West, Vince Zampella talk life after Call of Duty

Call of Duty now in the rear-view mirror, Respawn Entertainment founders Jason West and Vince Zampella look forward to 3D gaming, harnessing new platforms like the Kinect and Wii U, and more. Of everything.

Sony’s 3D display gets November U.S. release date

The Sony 3D Display gets a UK and U.S. release date for next month, the HMZ-T1 gets a release date for Dec. 8
Cool Tech

Sony using 3D headset to experiment with Virtual Reality gaming

Sony's 3D headset from CES may be used for virtual reality gaming in the future.

Sony 3D Display could revolutionize 2D gaming

Sony's 24-inch 3D display for the PlayStation 3 not only fits in small rooms - it can show unique screens to two players at the same time.

Cars 2: The Video Game (PS3) hands-on preview

Cars 2: The Video Game hearkens back to the days of Mario Kart -- including the lack of online multiplayer -- with high-speed arcade racing, weapon pickups and, best of all, BATTLE MODES.

Hasbro revives View-Master with My3D for iPhone and iPod Touch

From the maker of the ViewFinder comes the My3D. This twist on a classic brings 3D viewing to the iPhone and iPod Touch, but who exactly is going to buy it?

Xbox exec not buying into 3D gaming

Xbox VP Phil Spencer has claimed that 3D gaming is still a “science experiment,” and pointed to Sony's need to sell 3D TVs as the driving factor behind the PlayStation 3's gung-ho 3D adoption.

Killzone 3 in 3D: Hands-on impressions of the first 3D shooter for the PS3

We got hands-on play time with Killzone 3, one of the hottest upcoming 3D titles for Sony’s PlayStation 3.

First Impressions of Motorstorm: Apocalypse in 3D

Three dimensions make dodging boulders, debris and the stray pedestrian even more fun in Motorstorm: Apocalypse.