Owner-designed 3D-printed camera lens captures impressive images

Photographer Mathieu Stern turned to 3D printing to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating his very own camera lens. Using 19th-century optics and a custom frame, the lens came to life and captures incredible images.
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No glasses, no goggles: Volume uses ‘lightfolding’ to create 3D images in a box

Forget headsets and special glasses. Volume, a new type of 3D computer display, lets you view 3D objects and scenes with a group. The initial release, intended primarily for developers, works with current 3D and 2D creation tools.

Elsewhere’s app and glasses make videos pop out in 3D

With $50, an iPhone, and a pair of glasses that look like Benjamin Franklin's bifocals, you can add some depth to your videos, thanks to Elsewhere. The iOS app comes with a pair of spectacles.
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Wearing unsightly 3D glasses at the movies may become a thing of the past

Thanks to a team at MIT and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science, we're closer than ever to display technology that allows movie fans to watch 3D movies without those unsightly glasses. It's called Cinema 3D.

Out with elephants and in with apps: Ringling Bros. is reinventing the circus 4:40

For the first time in its illustrious 146-year history, Ringling Bros. premiered a new show without its world famous elephant performers.Instead, it doubled down on technology highlights, including its first ever app and video…

This new lens for GoPro makes recording 3D video a breeze

The upcoming Vitrima lens by Fantem promises to be an affordable way to record ready-to-watch 3D video to a single GoPro Hero camera. Footage shot with it can immediately be played back in a standard VR viewer, without any editing.

Researchers replace the second lens in 3D cameras with something cheaper

The latest research from Toshiba means your next robot could be a Cyclops -- and still measure depth with one eye. By using colored filters instead of a second lens, 3D cameras for robots and automated cars could be cheaper to produce.

Students’ homemade Raspberry Pi 3D scanner turns light paintings into holograms

HoloPainting is a technique that combines light painting, stop motion, and hyperlapse photography to create 360-degree animated 3D holograms. Up until now, light painting was only done in two dimensions.

Be dazzled by this projection-mapped Christmas tree

Brazil-based studio Ambos created a projection-mapped Christmas tree. It projected a spectacular display on an actual tree, which definitely saves on the decorating time and cuts down on the amount of breakable ornaments.
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Korean scientists have developed a legitimate 3D hologram you can view from any angle

Researchers in Korea have developed the world's first real, floating, three-dimensional hologram in the form of a Rubik's Cube. The hologram appears thanks to the effect of diffraction from a complex system of high-powered…

Fyuse spatial photo app update adds 3D tagging, smoother renderings

Fyuse, an app that uses spatial imaging technology to capture photos in 3D, released an update that adds several enhancements, including 3D tagging, faster compression, and smoother rendering.
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A whole new world: Disney app renders coloring book pages as 3D images

Using technology provided by the Unity game engine, the Disney Research project has developed an app that will allow you to see what your 2D drawings (or colorings, more precisely) look like as 3D animations.