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Paul Bettany worships unto God by killin’ vampires in this new Priest trailer

Paul Bettany and Karl Urban star in the post-apocalyptic film where the Church is fighting a never-ending battle against vampires. Check out the trailer below, and look for Priest in theaters on May 13.

Hands on with JVC’s full HD 3D camcorder

JVC showed off its new full HD 3D camcorder at CES and another model that records 2D images and converts them to 3D using software. Pictures and impressions inside.

Kodak’s additions and upgrades focus on auto-share and durability

A look at some Kodak updates as well as its retro take on 3D photography.

Sony adds to camera lineup with new 3D and panorama-capable handhelds

Sony shows off its 3D capabilities and improved Cyber-shot line.

JVC joins the 3D fray with its newest 3D HD camcorder

JVC has announced that its newest handheld camcorder, the GS-TD1 will record 3D video in HD quality.

Shoot your own 3D: Panasonic launches two 3D-capable cameras, five camcorders

Alongside a host of 3D Internet TVs, Panasonic also shows off two new Lumix cameras, complete with 3D capability, and five new 3D-capable camcorders.

Sony shows off the possible future of 3D

In the coming months and years, Sony hopes to change the way we experience 3D video. The prototypes displayed today at CES are all still a long way from production, but they do give us a possible glimpse into the future of 3D.

Sony debuts 3D Vaio laptops

Earlier today Sony debuted the next generation of Sony Vaios F Series Multimedia laptops, and besides the upgrades you might expect, the new computers will now feature 3D displays.

LG shows off next generation of 3D glasses

Today at CES, LG showed off its new Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D glasses, which are lighter, cheaper, and better for your eyes.

Vudu to begin streaming 3D movies next week

High-def video streaming service Vudu is taking their game to the next level: they'll start streaming 3D movies to compatible devices next week.

Vizio Theater 3D line to range from 22 to 71 inches

Vizio is diving into 3D, announcing a full line of Theater 3D high-def TVs spanning sizes from a petite 22 inches to (supposedly) a gargantuan 71 inches.