This sensor turns your iPad into a 3D scanner, but get ready to practice

We try out Occipital’s new Structure Sensor, a device that you mount to your iPad so it can 3D scan objects.
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New technology can track a football’s exact location on the field

Sorry, football coaches: Your ability to challenge referee calls may soon become obsolete. Researchers have created a new technology that uses magnetic fields to track a football's exact position on the field.

Amazing? Hardly. Why Amazon’s 3D smartphone is silly

Amazon is rumored to be introducing its first smartphone at an event on June 18. If the gossipers have got it right, the device may have an unusual 3D menu system, but we fear this is a gimmick that won't provide any benefit to owners.

Your next smartphone could have a holographic projector inside it

Startup Ostendo Technologies could be about to make all your Star Wars fantasies come true, thanks to a gadget called the Quantum Photonic Imager, which is capable of projecting 3D video images from your smartphone.
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Praying mantis dons world’s smallest 3D glasses (in the name of research, naturally)

Praying mantises in the UK have been donning 3D specs in a unique experiment that could lead to new methods for implementing 3D recognition and depth perception in computer vision and robots.

Draw these white lines in an animated GIF, and it will blow through your mind

By simply adding two vertical white lines within an animated GIF, you can create moving images that seemingly pop out toward you. The 3D trick works because of how our brains interpret a foreground object when it moves in front of those…

MIT develops inFORM, blows your mind by rendering digital stuff in 3D physically

If you grew up watching the Discovery Channel in the 90s, you might be disappointed by the lack of amazing, life-changing tech around you now. Take a look at the inFORM though, and we bet you'll be thoroughly amazed.
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Look what I built, Ma! Texas firm makes world’s first 3D-printed metal gun

Solid Concepts, a firm based in Texas, has made the world's first metal gun using a 3D printer. Solid Concepts set out to make a gun based on the Browning 1911 pistol to prove that they can make weapons fit for "real world applications."

Creating 3D is a cinch thanks to the Kúla Deeper accessory for DSLR cameras

The Kúla Deeper is an accessory that turns any DSLR into a 3D camera, using a simple frame with mirrors. Accompanying software converts the image into various 3D formats, including viewing on 3D-capable TVs. Kúla is currently seeking…

Skype achieves video calls with 3D holographic avatars, but don’t hold your breath

How about attending a business meeting at your company where everyone around the table except you is a 3D holographic avatar? If Skype and Microsoft choose to push ahead with their technology, it could become a reality.
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No remortgage needed: How to build an earthquake-inducing home theater for $3,000

Don't put off your dream of building a home theater for one more second. Our DIY guide shows how to build an impressive home theater from the projector to the power strip for about $3,000. Each component is hand selected for offering…