Health & Fitness

The Heddoko 3D smartwear app will help you nail that tough yoga pose

So what if you don't have a coach to make sure your yoga pose is right; the Heddoko app provides immediate visual feedback in 3D. It'll catch you if you're cheating at those squats or push-ups.

Toshiba’s new 3D display technology may let mobile users switch between 2D and 3D

Toshiba, which is familiar with glasses-free 3D TVs, has announced that it has a 4K UHD 3D display that will knock your socks off without the need for cumbersome glasses. The company hints that this may have implications for mobile screens.

Shopping for a sofa? This app will let you see it in 3D inside your house

When shopping for new furniture, one of the most difficult things is picturing how an unwieldily object will fit into your space. Loft's new app, Rooomy, lets you upload a photo of your room and get a 3D view of the furniture in your living…
Cool Tech

Touchable 3D technology unveiled to enhance video games, driving, 3D printing

Thanks to the use of haptic technology, which is used in everyday objects such as video game controllers and smartphones to create vibrations simulating real-world touch-based interactions, Japan-based Miraisens has created touchable 3D…

This sensor turns your iPad into a 3D scanner, but get ready to practice

We try out Occipital’s new Structure Sensor, a device that you mount to your iPad so it can 3D scan objects.
Cool Tech

New technology can track a football’s exact location on the field

Sorry, football coaches: Your ability to challenge referee calls may soon become obsolete. Researchers have created a new technology that uses magnetic fields to track a football's exact position on the field.

Amazing? Hardly. Why Amazon’s 3D smartphone is silly

Amazon is rumored to be introducing its first smartphone at an event on June 18. If the gossipers have got it right, the device may have an unusual 3D menu system, but we fear this is a gimmick that won't provide any benefit to owners.

Your next smartphone could have a holographic projector inside it

Startup Ostendo Technologies could be about to make all your Star Wars fantasies come true, thanks to a gadget called the Quantum Photonic Imager, which is capable of projecting 3D video images from your smartphone.
Cool Tech

Praying mantis dons world’s smallest 3D glasses (in the name of research, naturally)

Praying mantises in the UK have been donning 3D specs in a unique experiment that could lead to new methods for implementing 3D recognition and depth perception in computer vision and robots.

Draw these white lines in an animated GIF, and it will blow through your mind

By simply adding two vertical white lines within an animated GIF, you can create moving images that seemingly pop out toward you. The 3D trick works because of how our brains interpret a foreground object when it moves in front of those…