Cool Tech

Korean scientists have developed a legitimate 3D hologram you can view from any angle

Researchers in Korea have developed the world's first real, floating, three-dimensional hologram in the form of a Rubik's Cube. The hologram appears thanks to the effect of diffraction from a complex system of high-powered…

Fyuse spatial photo app update adds 3D tagging, smoother renderings

Fyuse, an app that uses spatial imaging technology to capture photos in 3D, released an update that adds several enhancements, including 3D tagging, faster compression, and smoother rendering.
Cool Tech

A whole new world: Disney app renders coloring book pages as 3D images

Using technology provided by the Unity game engine, the Disney Research project has developed an app that will allow you to see what your 2D drawings (or colorings, more precisely) look like as 3D animations.
Home Theater

Ridley Scott mines big drama from small stakes in The Martian

The science fiction thriller based on the Andy Weir novel of the same name succeeds tremendously thanks to small stakes on a big planet, with an even bigger cast.

Take a virtual tour of your home with these apps and sites that give you a 3D view

Whether you're moving or just really love fantasizing about your dream home, there are lots of apps and sites that want to help you envision what your new house will look like ... in 3D.

Razer and Intel are working together on a RealSense-enabled 3D camera

Razer and Intel are collaborating on a 3D-sensing camera for consumer-end VR and gaming computers.. The device should make it possible to dodge enemy attacks in a fighting game by physically moving around.

This crazy smartphone packs a glasses-free 3D display — really

From the looks of it, the VKWorld Discovery S1 seems like an average Android smartphone with a rather goofy company name attached to it. However, it packs a neat parlor trick: a glasses-free 3D display.

This ultrasound technology can turn TV screens into malleable surfaces

Have you ever watched that scene in the Matrix where Neo pokes his fingers into the mirror and thought you'd like to do the same to your TV? Well that may be possible in the near future, as the GHOST project has developed a system for doing…
Health & Fitness

The Heddoko 3D smartwear app will help you nail that tough yoga pose

So what if you don't have a coach to make sure your yoga pose is right; the Heddoko app provides immediate visual feedback in 3D. It'll catch you if you're cheating at those squats or push-ups.

Toshiba’s new 3D display technology may let mobile users switch between 2D and 3D

Toshiba, which is familiar with glasses-free 3D TVs, has announced that it has a 4K UHD 3D display that will knock your socks off without the need for cumbersome glasses. The company hints that this may have implications for mobile screens.