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No remortgage needed: How to build an earthquake-inducing home theater for $3,000

Don't put off your dream of building a home theater for one more second. Our DIY guide shows how to build an impressive home theater from the projector to the power strip for about $3,000. Each component is hand selected for offering…
Home Theater

3D TV autopsy: Did it finally die, or was it never alive to begin with?

If you were shopping for a TV three years ago, you were probably bombarded with talk of how 3D was the “next big thing." But it's now just a footnote that barely measures up to smart TV features and the looming 4K Ultra HD TVs. So why…
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BBC suspends all 3D content production due to low demand

Definitely another nail in the coffin for the future of 3D television, BBC has decided to end a two year trial of 3D content production citing extremely low demand for the service among UK viewers.
Cool Tech

Poppy adds another dimension to your iPhone’s camera

Who wants something that could turn your iPhone into a 3D camera? It turns out that, unsurprisingly, the answer is "a lot of people," after a Kickstarter project reached its $40,000 goal in just nine hours.
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Goodbye 3D programming, ESPN 3D shutting down by end of the year

As 3D adoption continues to limp along among U.S. consumers, ESPN has made a decision to stop producing 3D programming and get rid of the ESPN 3D channel in order to free up resources for Ultra HD.
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Sherbourn is back: Check Out the SR-8100 7.1 Channel Receiver

Better known for its custom installation products, Sherbourn Technologies has just launched its Pro-caliber SR-8100 7.1 A/V receiver for only $800.

Rumor: Amazon experimenting with 3D display technology for future smartphone release

Rumors concerning an Amazon-produced Android smartphone continue to spread, with the latest report indicating the company may be exploring the use of 3D display technology to make its device really standout.
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Harman Kardon AVR 3700 7.2 receiver brings support for 3D, 4K/Ultra HD and Airplay

Consumers looking for a great deal on a new AV receiver have a number of great choices under $1,000 now, including the new AVR 3700 from Harman Kardon which supports 4K, 3D, and AirPlay.
Home Theater

Boxee TV now supports DLNA and 3D playback, but can it really compete with the Roku 3?

Boxee TV has rolled out support for DLNA and 3D, a new TV guide, and easier DVR programming. But is that enough to distract attention from the newly-released Roku 3?
Cool Tech

Danny Boyle: ‘I don’t know if 3D will survive’

The 3D movie trends may continue to rise but 'Slumdog Millionaire' director Danny Boyle doesn't believe the format is here to stay, and will instead be replaced by innovations in sound?
Cool Tech

HP working on new holographic 3D display technology for smartphones and tablets

HP has revealed it's working on a new type of 3D screen suitable for use on small devices such as smartphones and tablets, which will be viewed without glasses and provide an almost holographic image.
Movies & TV

Could the new Oz movie do for 3D cinema what the original did for color?

When The Wizard of Oz debuted in 1939, it introduced audiences to the wonders of what color film could do. Is it possible Oz the Great and Powerful could pull the same routine for 3D in 2013?