Cool Tech

HP working on new holographic 3D display technology for smartphones and tablets

HP has revealed it's working on a new type of 3D screen suitable for use on small devices such as smartphones and tablets, which will be viewed without glasses and provide an almost holographic image.
Movies & TV

Could the new Oz movie do for 3D cinema what the original did for color?

When The Wizard of Oz debuted in 1939, it introduced audiences to the wonders of what color film could do. Is it possible Oz the Great and Powerful could pull the same routine for 3D in 2013?

Microsoft brings interactive SpaceTop 3D desktop interface to life

Computers will no longer be restricted to only two dimensions. MIT grad student Jinha Lee has created a way to bring computers into the third dimension with his SpaceTop 3D interface that lets users reach inside a see-through computer…
Cool Tech

‘Doctor Who’ goes 3D for its half-century special edition

How do you celebrate the 50th anniversary of one of the most famous science fiction television characters of all? Why, by taking him to brand new destinations, of course. Like the third dimension, for example, with the BBC announcing a…
Cool Tech

Brooklyn artist makes 3D portraits using DNA from your unwanted trash

A Brooklyn-based artist has been sweeping up wads of hair, chewing gum, and cigarette butts from the streets of New York to garner enough genetic information to create 3D portraits of these DNA owners.

Are these digital camera features must-have extras or useless fillers?

Separate the gold from the gimmicks with our guide to all the latest digital camera features.

Microsoft applies for patent on 3D electromagnetic stylus

Who says handwriting is a lost art? If Microsoft's technology becomes a reality, we'll have whole new options for our scribbles and doodles.
Home Theater

Netflix rolls out Super HD and 3D streaming to specific ISPs

Definitely ideal for fans of the Netflix Instant streaming video service, subscribers with 1080p televisions may be able to take advantage of Super HD soon.

Audi Q7 Sound Concept rocks CES 2013 with 24 speakers and “3D sound”

Audi says extra speakers and some software trickery will create a higher-quality sound for its luxury models.

Hands-on preview of Samsung’s 3D-capable NX300 Smart Camera

Samsung gets a head start on its CES camera announcements with its new NX300 Smart Camera, featuring dual-band Wi-Fi, hybrid autofocusing, and 3D.
Cool Tech

The Queen’s annual Christmas speech to be broadcast in 3D this year

This year, British citizens with the right pairs of glasses will be able to invite the Queen into their living rooms as the annual Christmas broadcast from Her Majesty gets transmitted in 3D for the first time.
Home Theater

Opinion: 3D is as bad for cinema now as it was 60 years ago

Though critics and consumers have been plenty vocal about their distaste for 3D, both Hollywood and the TV manufacturing industry continue to force it upon us. Why? We take a look at 3D's recent rise in prevalence and why the powers that be…