Sony 3D Display could revolutionize 2D gaming

Sony's 24-inch 3D display for the PlayStation 3 not only fits in small rooms - it can show unique screens to two players at the same time.


Scientists unveil 3D map of the universe, complete with 43,000 galaxies

Astronomers have unveiled a 3D map of the entire known universe, consisting of some 43,000 galaxies spreading out 380 million light-years.

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New Green Lantern trailer explains the rules

In the newest Green Lantern trailer, the rules of the Green Lantern universe are explained, and the enemy is properly introduced.

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Are 3D-capable theaters delivering dim 2D movies?

AMC Loews and Regal theaters using Sony 4K digital projectors may be showing 2D movies with the 3D adapter still on, resulting in a picture that doesn't look as good and is up to 85 percent dimmer.

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Sharp unveils crazy swivel clamshell Android 3D waterproof phone with a 16MP camera

In conjunction with Japan's MobileBank, Sharp has introduced a new clamshell Android phone that has more new features than you can remember to write in a short excerpt.

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Finally: How to claim your free Samsung 3D glasses

Been waiting patiently with your Samsung 3D TV and the company's promise to gift you two pairs of accompanying glasses? Wait no more.

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Maingear launches superpowered 4.8GHz 3D gaming laptop

Maingear has announced a new gaming laptop with an overclocked Intel Sandy Bridge i7 processor running at 4.8GHz.


Samsung tries new bonus content scheme to sell 3D TVs

Is your 3D TV interest on the fence? Samsung wants to you throw you over to their side with additional content available to 3D TV set owners.

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Active vs. passive 3D TV technology: What’s the difference?

Not all 3D TVs are made alike. Find out the difference between active vs. passive 3D TV technology with our comprehensive guide.

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Nintendo 3DS: Video Review

We take a closer look at Nintendo's 3DS portable gaming console to see if it lives up to the pre-release hype.


Global 3D TV shipments to increase five-fold in 2011?

According to iSuppli, lower prices and broader availability of 3D content will drive shipments of 3D TVs up nearly 500 percent worldwide in 2011.

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Star Wars on Blu-ray countdown begins: Hits U.S. shelves September 16

LucasFilm celebrates today's holiday with insider Star Wars footage in hype the coming Blu-ray editions.

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Nintendo’s Miyamoto teases Super Mario 3D, other upcoming 3DS games

Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario, met with the media in Paris, France a few days ago and revealed some new gameplay details about The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, and other upcoming 3DS games.


Upcoming Toshiba laptop delivers simultaneous 2D and 3D display

Toshiba reveals its Qosmio T851 laptop, which uses an integrated web camera and face tracking to deliver uninterrupted glasses-free 3D displayed simultaneously alongside 2D content.


Sink or swim: Will 3D TV ever catch on?

DVDs and plasma screens drove consumers into the digital age, but 3D TV may be following the well-worn path of innovations like SACD and DVD-A, right off a cliff.

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