AT&T scales back speed throttling on unlimited LTE data users

Possibly good news for any AT&T subscriber that's still on an unlimited data plan, the wireless provider has limited the practice of data throttling to time periods of heavy network congestion.

Verizon starts the slow process to becoming an LTE-only network

A network researcher has discovered Verizon is in the process of testing out using its 3G bandwidth for LTE purposes, as it starts the long, slow process to becoming an LTE-only network.

Nokia’s not dead, tests new battery and speed boosting features to prove 3G isn’t either

Nokia Networks has been working on a new feature set which could add several benefits to devices connected to 3G networks around the world, including more battery life, faster browsing, and quicker call connections.

3G and 4G: What’s the difference?

Curious about the difference between 3G and 4G? Check out this guide for a non-technical, easy-to-understand explanation.

Why is the former head of the NSA convinced Huawei is a threat to the US?

A former head of the NSA says China's Huawei is a threat to the United States security - but nothing's ever been proven. Is Huawei just a scapegoat?

Google’s Project Loon brings Internet access to remote areas with giant balloons

Looking for an inventive way to bring Internet access to people all around the world, Google's Project Loon uses balloons floating in the stratosphere to bring Web access to remote, rural regions.

Sprint posts lowest new subscriber numbers in 4 years, moves just 1.5 million iPhones

Sprint has posted their lowest new subscriber count since 2009. And while they've been posting quarterly net losses since 2007, they've shaved off some of those figures quite a bit since last year. They're currently entertaining offers of…

You want the 3G? You can’t handle the 3G! North Korea pulls foreigner access [UPDATE: Temporarily]

We hope foreign journalists didn't get too comfortable - North Korea already pulled their 3G access. The move comes after a small group of journalists (and former NBA star Dennis Rodman) recently visited and digitally documented their time…

Audi upgrading existing 3G service with speedier in-car LTE data chip

Not one to fall behind the times, Audi will upgrade its 3G "Audi Connect" system with LTE connectivity, powered by Gemalto. The service brings in-car high-speed internet to the open road.

AT&T update to enable FaceTime over cellular with no extra charge

AT&T has announced that it will be rolling out an update regarding the use of FaceTime over 3G cellular networks.

Has 4G become meaningless?

A cesspool of acronyms, overoptimistic marketing claims and incompatible technologies has made 4G incomprehensible to the average consumer. Now carriers will suffer for the mess they’ve created.
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Why the FAA is taking fresh look at gadgets on airplanes

The FAA will be taking a new look at allowing electronic devices to be used on planes. But why aren't our gadgets allowed in the first place, and what new bit of information could change that?