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Flash will become click-to-play on Chrome later this year, Google says

Google's been trying to kill Flash for a long time, and replace it with HTML5. Later this year, users will need to actively enable Flash on sites that don't offer an HTML5 alternative, potentially prompting developers to drop the…

Adobe issues patch for ‘critical’ vulnerability that could crash your computer

Adobe is urging all users to update their Flash software in response to a "critical" flaw that was discovered in the program that could crash their computers or even allow them to be taken over remotely.

Adobe issues emergency patch for yet another Flash exploit

If you haven't updated Flash lately, you should do so immediately as Adobe has issued an emergency patch that addresses several vulnerabilities, including one exploit that is known to be in use in what Adobe calls "limited, targeted…
DT Daily

Dartmouth uses robot tackling dummies – and they’re FAST: DT Daily 1:48

Google declares war on Adobe's Flash player, Dartmouth rolls out some surprisingly swift robotic tackling dummies during football practice.

Twitch pushing Flash out the door in favor of HTML5 in future updates

Twitch has begun the transition from Flash to HTML5 for its game live-streaming service, starting with HTML5 player controls. The underlying player is still Flash, but this is set to change in future updates.

Enough is enough: Mozilla blocks Flash in Firefox until Adobe fixes security holes

After 400GB files from Hacking Team were leaked, multiple vulnerabilities were found in Adobe Flash. To keep its users safer, Mozilla is blocking all versions of the Flash Player in Firefox until Adobe fixes all known exploits.

Two major security flaws in Adobe Flash and Windows found after Hacking Team leak

After spyware company Hacking Team was hacked itself earlier this week, two major vulnerabilities have been found in Adobe Flash and Windows systems that could actually lead to more secure systems as a result.

New Internet Explorer updates plug security holes in Adobe Flash Player, more

Redmond just released a new batch of security patches for Internet Explorer. Learn more here.

How to install Flash on an Android phone or tablet

If you miss the days of using Flash Player on your Android phone or tablet, check out this simple, easy to follow, how-to guide covering how to install Flash on most Android powered devices.

Unity abandons Flash support after questioning Adobe’s commitment

Unity Technologies has branched out to support a huge number of new platforms recently, from Wii to PS4. It's abandoning at least one: Adobe Flash Player. After recent Adobe decisions that "eroded" trust between Unity and game developers…

Google Chrome might help find the tab with the annoying video ad

We've all been there: the desperate search to find and eliminate whatever browser is auto-playing audio. Thankfully, Google is testing out a new feature that turns on an animation if a Chrome tab is playing audio or video.
Android Army

Adobe Flash for Android: Gone with barely a whimper

Adobe Flash used to be what brought "the full Web" to mobile devices. Now, Adobe Flash for Android is gone...and the full Web is still here.