Apple TV vs. Chromecast: Which belongs in your home theater?

Google unveiled a brand new streaming device called Chromecast. But how does it stack up against the already established streamer, Apple TV, and does Chromecast offer any unique features?
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CE Week 2013: Monitor Audio takes on NAD with the Airstream A100 integrated amp

Monitor Audio is in attendance at CEWeek, where it is showing off a new $500 integrated amp that sports AirPlay, DLNA and high-quality 24/96 DACs. The slick-looking integrated appears to compete nicely with NAD's recently announced digital…
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Cambridge Audio does Airplay and Bluetooth with its new Minx Air wireless speakers

Cambridge Audio took its time throwing its hat into the ring, but its MInx Air series of AirPlay and Bluetooth-enabled loudspeakers are already worthy of a shot at the title. Built like tanks and way above average in the sound department…
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The benefits of trickle down technology: NAD shows off new gear aimed at the ‘digital native’

We take a look at NAD's new D 7050 network receiver and D 3020 hybrid digital amplifier and learn how the company is adapting to serve a new kind of listener which it describes as the "digital native."
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Harman Kardon AVR 3700 7.2 receiver brings support for 3D, 4K/Ultra HD and Airplay

Consumers looking for a great deal on a new AV receiver have a number of great choices under $1,000 now, including the new AVR 3700 from Harman Kardon which supports 4K, 3D, and AirPlay.

Apple’s Lightning AV adapter is actually a computer, uses Airplay for TV-out, and has some problems

For once, it seems Apple has a good excuse to charge so much for its AV adapter. We've learned that the accessory actually has an ARM computer inside of it. But it also has one big flaw, as well.
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Netflix and YouTube launch DIAL, an open alternative to AirPlay

Netflix and YouTube are looking to dethrone Apple's AirPlay with an open alternative called DIAL
Cool Tech

The technophobe’s guide to wireless home theater gadgets

It's time to cut the cords on messy entertainment setups and embrace wireless home theater gadgets, thanks to the power of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Airplay.
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Boston Acoustics’ Mc200air Airplay speaker sports room-suffusing audio

We checked out the Boston Acoustics MC200air, which swaddled us with sound.
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JBL Soundfly wireless speakers tap your outlets, ride your walls

JBL's Soundfly wireless speaker removes the power cord middle-man and plugs directly into wall outlets. Clever, but does it fill an actual need?
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McIntosh tempts audiophiles by unveiling its first Airplay speaker, the McAire

Despite its lofty price tag, the McAire, McIntosh's first AirPlay speaker, is oh-so-tantalizing to audio connoisseurs.
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The AQ SmartSpeaker carries AQ Audio’s banner across the pond

AQ Audio has chosen to use its wireless AQ SmartSpeaker to break into a crowded American marketplace. It's most unique feature is the ability to offer Apple AirPlay functionality outside of a wireless network. A single speaker runs $180…