How to pick the right memory card for your digital camera

Memory cards are all over the map -- a wide range of formats, sizes, and speeds. Some cards throw a bunch of numbers at you, while others may only list their capacity. Confusing doesn't begin to describe this, and if you've been looking for…

Alienware’s new gaming laptops to start shipping by the end of September

This year's Alienware 15 and 17-inch gaming laptops pack a VR-capable PC into a portable package, one that's almost 25 percent thinner than the company's previous model.

Alienware dropping hints about a new product based on Tobii’s eye-tracking tech

On Friday, during PAX West, Alienware and Tobii will reveal a new gaming product that will take advantage of the latter company's eye-tracking technology. It may be a gaming notebook that uses Tobii's IS4 platform for laptops…

Alienware now packs up to three RX 480s in its high-end systems

Alienware systems are expensive, but the hardware inside can be pretty powerful if you choose right. Now there's more options than before, with the RX 480 now available in up to triple-crossfire configuration in Alienware's high-end…

Dell invades E3 2016 with four high-tech Alienware desktops, and laptop with OLED screen

Dell has revealed four new Alienware gaming solutions at E3 2016 spanning three desktops and one laptop. The company means to conquer the world with this brain-melting lineup consisting of Intel processors, with GPUs provided by Nivida and…

Microsoft "emulates" Windows 10 with a new demo site for potential customers

Microsoft has launched a new "demo" site for Windows 10, allowing potential customers to see what the new operating system is all about. The site features a library of videos demonstrating Windows 10 running on a PC, a tablet, and a…
Virtual Reality

HTC now offering live Vive demos in Microsoft stores, GameStop locations nationwide

HTC teamed up with Microsoft and GameStop to provide live demos of the Vive HMD. Demos will be offered in select Microsoft stores starting this week and will expand to 30 locations in 2016. GameStop will have ten demo locations by…

Go big or go back to 2D! Alienware and MSI offer powerful Vive Optimized systems

If the Rift Ready systems offered by some system makers seemed a bit tame by your standards of upgrading, then the new Vive Optimized offerings from Alienware and MSI might be more to your taste.

Afraid your ancient PC can't handle the Rift? Oculus Ready PC pre-orders start next week

As part of a broad campaign to put Oculus Ready hardware into the homes of its potential customers, a trio of manufacturers will open pre-orders on VR-friendly PCs and bundles next week.

Alienware 13 with OLED hands-on: Your favorite game has never looked better 1:42

Alienware's smallest notebook will receive its best display this spring. While the notebook's design unfortunately won't receive a major update, the system will apologize for that slight with its surprisingly affordable price.

Alienware and Dell debut Oculus Ready desktop and headset bundles

Ok so it's not in the $1,500 range, but it's not far off. Dell and Alienware have both announced Oculus Ready PC bundles that give you everything you need to get gaming in virtual reality, including the headset itself.

New Alienware 13-inch is the first gaming laptop with OLED

A new 13-inch laptop from Alienware promises to be the first gaming notebook fitted with an OLED display, delivering truly sensational image quality perfect for the video game enthusiast.