Afraid your ancient PC can't handle the Rift? Oculus Ready PC pre-orders start next week

As part of a broad campaign to put Oculus Ready hardware into the homes of its potential customers, a trio of manufacturers will open pre-orders on VR-friendly PCs and bundles next week.

Alienware 13 with OLED hands-on: Your favorite game has never looked better 1:42

Alienware's smallest notebook will receive its best display this spring. While the notebook's design unfortunately won't receive a major update, the system will apologize for that slight with its surprisingly affordable price.
CES 2016

Alienware and Dell debut Oculus Ready desktop and headset bundles

Ok so it's not in the $1,500 range, but it's not far off. Dell and Alienware have both announced Oculus Ready PC bundles that give you everything you need to get gaming in virtual reality, including the headset itself.
CES 2016

New Alienware 13-inch is the first gaming laptop with OLED

A new 13-inch laptop from Alienware promises to be the first gaming notebook fitted with an OLED display, delivering truly sensational image quality perfect for the video game enthusiast.

Alienware refreshes X51 and notebook lineup with overclocking, USB 3.1

Alienware has announced a refreshed line of notebooks, along with an X51 desktop, that feature 6th-generation Intel Core processor, overclocking, and USB 3.1.

Dell releases beastly Alienware 18 gaming laptop

Alienware 18 has some absurd specs including a Core i7-4710MQ and two GeForce GTX 970M GPUs.

Alienware’s new HiveMind UI is heading to its Alpha gaming rig

If you liked the Alienware Alpha's custom controller-compatible UI, you'll love the updated HiveMind UI, which is based on the open source home theater platform Kodi.

At long last, Valve begins taking pre-orders for Steam Machines

New systems running Valve's SteamOS have found their way onto the Steam Store, with Alienware and Syber options available as early as October, and the rest launching in November.

Alienware now shipping its Alpha console box

It was announced in June, pre-orders opened in August, and now it's finally here — the Alienware Alpha console PC runs Steam games on Windows through a customized UI and Xbox 360 controller.

Turbocharge your laptop with a desktop GPU? Now Alienware makes a box for that

Beef up your Alienware notebook with the Graphics Amplifier, a beastly box that lets you upgrade one of the firm's gaming laptops with a desktop graphics card.

Alienware’s Area 51 gaming PC is ready for liftoff, and we got the skinny on its innards

Alienware is prepping the Area 51 for liftoff, and we're here to bring you detailed specs, pricing, and availability information. Learn more here.