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Watch the trailer for Clarkson, Hammond, and May’s ‘The Grand Tour’

'The Grand Tour' featuring former Top Gear stars Clarkson, Hammond, and May starts streaming on November 18. To get fans warmed up for the new Amazon Prime car show, the team has just released an action-packed trailer.

Deal sweetener: Amazon adds Prime Reading perk to its Prime service

Amazon has announced Prime Reading, a new addition to the Prime service that gives subscribers unlimited access to a diverse selection of books, graphic novels, and magazines that changes every month.
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Crank up the heat and watch some of the best movies streaming on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime gives subscribers access to a host of great movies, and we've compiled a list of the absolute best titles available via the streaming service.

Would you like your Amazon Prime delivery left inside your door?

August smart locks and Garageio connected garage door openers are being tested with an unnamed Seattle-based retailer for in-home package delivery service. Best guess? Amazon is prepping another home delivery option for Prime members.

Not a prime deal: Amazon appears to be burying the best price to benefit itself

Next time you're making a purchase from Amazon, you may want to look closer. A new report from ProPublica suggest the best price isn't always the one shown -- but it might be the one the retailer wants you to buy.

Amazon Prime, the gift that keeps giving, now includes free Audible content

Sweetening an already sweet pot, Amazon just added free Audible audiobooks, podcasts, and other content for Amazon Prime members. Not only do you get free two-day shipping, but now you can stream free audio entertainment and information.
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Amazon looks to get in the game by streaming live sporting events

Live sports attract massive audiences, and Amazon is exploring the possibility of tapping into that market by offering both global and domestic sports via its Prime streaming service.
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Amazon puts pilot episodes of 10 of its original shows on Facebook and YouTube

Amazon has placed 10 pilot episodes of its original series -- five for adults, five for children -- on it's YouTube channel, and will post them to Facebook video soon in an effort to boost subscribers.

Let My Amazon Report tell you if you should actually be paying for Amazon Prime

Looking to save a few dollars on your toothpaste by ordering on Amazon rather than trekking to Wal-Mart? It might seem like a good deal if you're an Amazon Prime member, but is it actually worth it? My Amazon Report will tell you.
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Amazon Prime Day is overflowing with deals, so we skimmed out the very best

Good deals are easy to come by, but finding great deals is a different story. Until July 12, Amazon is giving each day a theme and a set of screaming deals to match. That said, here are our favorite deals leading up to Amazon Prime Day.
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Tired of automatic renewals? Here’s how to end your Amazon Prime subscription

It's easy to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, and possibly get a partial or full refund on the cost, depending on how much you've used it. Check out our quick-hit guide for doing so.

How good are the deals on Prime Day? Not as good as Black Friday

We may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves when it comes to announcing these Prime Day prices as the lowest of the low. If you're really looking to save some money, you probably want to hold out for Black Friday.