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Amazon’s Transparent adds high-profile cast member, Caitlyn Jenner

The Pfefferman family will share the screen with a character played by reality star Caitlyn Jenner during Transparent season 3. Creator Jill Soloway highlighted the crossover between the Amazon original and Jenner's docuseries I Am Cait.

PayPal beware: You could soon ‘pay with Amazon’ anywhere on the web

Amazon is stepping on PayPal's toes with a partnership program for Amazon payments. This program will allow e-commerce platforms to deploy Amazon Payments on more websites, so that customers can pay with the info they've already given…

Amazon has big plans for Prime Now, including ditching the need for a dedicated app

Amazon's Prime Now fast delivery service is only available in a few locations, but that isn't the only restriction. Until now, using the service meant downloading a separate app, but soon it will be available on the Web as well.

Need condoms? You’ve got to hit that new Amazon Dash button

Ideal if you want an easy way to place orders of your favorite household items, Amazon has significantly expanded the Dash button program today with roughly 80 new brands in the mix.

Google's smart home assistant could take on Amazon's Echo

The Amazon Echo has been a huge success, but Google is reportedly looking to build a home assistant of its own. Although little is known about the device itself, reports hint that Google will lead the project -- not Nest.

You can now buy Comcast cable and Internet from Amazon

As of this week, you can now buy Internet, TV, and phone services from Comcast by way of Amazon. So yes, you can now buy basically everything from Amazon -- including its own competitors' offerings.
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Take a closer look at the NFL with Amazon’s new original series All or Nothing

The NFL is coming to Amazon ... sort of. A new series, All or Nothing, is premiering exclusively on Amazon and examines the lives of players, coaches, and owners in the NFL, starting with the Cardinals.

Amazon bans customer for returning too many items, apparently

Amazon isn't known for suddenly closing accounts without good reason, but one online shopper in the UK claims the online giant has kicked him off the site simply for returning 37 items over the last two years.

Amazon launches Cable Store, helps Comcast sell Xfinity bundles

Perhaps ideal for anyone that wants to earn an Amazon give card while signing up for cable, Amazon's new Cable Store launched this week and has started selling Comcast Xfinity bundles through the retail site.
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Doctor Who is coming to Amazon Prime thanks to a deal with the BBC

Amazon has secured exclusive North American streaming rights to Doctor Who. The first eight seasons will be available for free Prime streaming now that the BBC's previous licensing deals have expired and a new one has been reached with the…

Update your Kindle by March 22, Amazon says

Own a Kindle? Listen up -- this one's relevant to you. If you were an early adopter of one of these popular e-readers, you've got to update your software, and we mean stat. Otherwise your trusty device may go kaput.

Fitbit teams up with Alexa to offer voice-activated fitness data

If you thought finding out how your activity levels were doing was a chore, now you can just ask your local Amazon Echo or Tap device and it can tell you, because the Alexa back-end now supports Fitbit.