You can now use Alexa on your phone through an app called Roger

If you've been itching to use Amazon's digital assistant, Alexa, on your mobile device, there's now a solution, and its name is Roger. The app lets you use Alexa, react to voicemail messages, and send voice messages to your…

You can now track your Amazon packages simply by asking Alexa where they are

There's yet another new skill for Amazon's digital assistant. Alexa can now track your Amazon packages. Just ask your Echo, Dot, Tap, or Triby where your stuff is, and she'll tell you.

Look out, Amazon! Nest open-sources OpenThread to snag more IoT partners

It looks like Nest wants to reestablish itself as a smart home leader -- the company has just open-sourced its Thread framework, a decision that could seriously accelerate the growth of the smart home market.
Movies & TV

Amazon wants to become the next YouTube with Video Direct

Amazon's gunning for YouTube with Video Direct, a new platform for independent video creators that'll see the retailer earn revenue from video views, subscriptions, and sales.

Want to hear Radiohead’s ‘triumphant’ new album? Here’s where to find it

Radiohead have finally released their ninth studio album, A Moon Shaped Pool, and have made it available to listeners in a variety of downloadable formats, as well as on multiple streaming services.

Blu’s Energy JR lives up to its name with 3-day battery life and $40 price tag

Blu announced the Energy JR, the latest in the company's line of affordable, unlocked Android smartphones. What puts the Energy JR on the map is its incredibly-long battery life and basement-level price tag.

AMD has a new line of SSDs that strikes a balance between performance and price

AMD quietly launched a new line of solid state drives, the Radeon R3 series. These drives strike a balance between performance and price to make the process of replacing a clunky mechanical hard drive even easier. The series comes in four…
Home Theater

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes' new period drama is coming to the U.S.

Downton Abbey is over, but fans of the hit series will soon be able to console themselves with creator Julian Fellowes' latest period drama. Amazon has acquired U.S. streaming to the series, Doctor Thorne.
Virtual Reality

Amazon patent scans hands to stop your kid from deleting your augmented reality work

Kids tend to burst into rooms and wave their hands around, which could mess with augmented reality sets that use gesture-based controls. An Amazon aims to fix this, and also ensure that kids are presented with a kid-friendly UI.

Amazon gives Prime Now its own website to get you to shop even more

Amazon's Prime Now rapid delivery service now has its own website so customers no longer have to use the app to place orders. The site should prove popular among Amazon Prime members who prefer to shop on a PC than a mobile device.
Movies & TV

5 shows and movies to stream this week: face-swapping, gun-shooting, selfie-taking fun

Looking for something to stream this week? A cult classic sketch comedy show, a one-season wonder sitcom, and a movie about Nic Cage and John Travolta swapping faces shore up our picks.

Amazon’s FreeTime Unlimited loads up a slew of content for tweens

Older kids can now enjoy Amazon's FreeTime Unlimited just as much as their younger siblings. Amazon has updated the service to offer older kids, aged 9-12, over 13,000 videos, books, games, and more.