Brookfield Residential’s Amazon Alexa Smart Home is available for public tours

After announcing a partnership with Amazon in December, Brookfield Residential says its offering tours of its Alexa-powered Smart Home. Unfortunately, the tours are only taking place at the Avendale community in Virginia.

Watch trailer for the live-action promo prequel to ‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’

In partnership with Amazon, Ubisoft is bringing a 30-minute live-action promotional video for Ghost Recon Wildlands, titled War Within the Cartel, to Twitch and Amazon Prime Video on February 16.
Movies & TV

Amazon launches its first self-branded streaming channel, Anime Strike

Amazon has launched its first self-branded subscription streaming channel, Anime Strike, with more planned to come later this year, though what these will be has not been revealed so far.

Amazon, FreshDirect, and others begin to accept food stamps in a pilot program

Starting this summer, families who depend upon food stamps will be able to take advantage of online grocers like Amazon, FreshDirect, and other local stores that offer a digital shopping option.

Dallas child orders a dollhouse and cookies via Alexa

A Dallas six-year-old didn't get a dollhouse for Christmas, so she asked her new bestie Alexa if she could have one, plus a big tin of cookies. Bingo, Alexa was more than happy to oblige.

Amazon makes its mobile app service available to other online retailers

Amazon wants all retailers to gather under its technological umbrella and is hoping to encourage them to start using its mobile application as a foundation for their own online services.

An Amazon brick-and-mortar bookstore is headed to New York City

Amazon announced plans to open a bookstore in New York City, with the company already set to open bookstores in two other cities. The NYC location will open sometime this spring.

Amazon's Alexa can now re-order your next meal from Amazon Restaurants

Now you can use Alexa to order your next meal, as Amazon created a new skill supporting the company's Restaurants service that will drop off orders in 20 cities with free deliveries for Amazon Prime members.
Home Theater

Amazon introduces new Fire TV Edition line of budget-priced TVs at CES

Amazon and Roku have been battling it out with their streaming boxes for some time now, but Amazon just moved in on Roku’s turf with its new Fire TV Edition line of affordable smart TVs.

Save on movies, music, and more with the best Amazon Digital Day deals

Amazon is offering shoppers discounts on hundreds of digital items as part of its Digital Day sale. If you do not want to sift through all the items, we've graciously handpicked some of our personal favorites.

Have a follow-up question? Alexa can answer that for you, too

Amazon Alexa is becoming a real conversationalist. As per a recent post on Reddit, it would appear that Alexa has picked up a new skill: The ability to answer (properly phrased) follow-up questions.

Everything you need to know about Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa

While "Alexa" has become synonymous with products like the Amazon Echo, you can't actually go out and buy an "Alexa." So who, or what, is Alexa? Here's everything you need to know about Amazon's virtual assistant.