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Amazon Prime Day is overflowing with deals, so we skimmed out the very best

Good deals are easy to come by, but finding great deals is a different story. Until July 12, Amazon is giving each day a theme and a set of screaming deals to match. That said, here are our favorite deals leading up to Amazon Prime Day.

Why I still hate Amazon Prime Day with a passion

Hooray, it's Amazon's Prime Day! Again! More deals than ever before are promised from the online retailer, and the world can't wait. Except behind all this, Prime Day has a more insidious purpose, and people are in danger of forgetting it.
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Tired of automatic renewals? Here’s how to end your Amazon Prime subscription

It's easy to cancel your Amazon Prime membership, and possibly get a partial or full refund on the cost, depending on how much you've used it. Check out our quick-hit guide for doing so.
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Some of the best Prime Day deals aren’t from Amazon

If Amazon's Prime Day deals have left you cold, then perhaps you'll find a worthwhile bargain shopping with alternative retailers. Here's our pick of the tech deals from Walmart, Newegg, and others.

List prices be damned: Amazon reportedly showing only one price for products

Amazon is reportedly moving away from having list prices shown next to its discounted prices and, instead, is just showing one price. Amazon did not comment on the matter, though odds are it wants to avoid lawsuits.

Amazon made it easier for Chinese counterfeiters to sell you fake products

Chinese sellers now have access to Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon program, and that means it is easier for them to create and distribute counterfeit products to consumers.

More MOBI, fewer problems: here’s how to get EPUB books on your Kindle

Amazon's Kindle is an exceptional ebook reader, with one notable drawback -- it doesn't support EPUB, one of the most popular ebook formats. If you have some EPUB books you would love to read, here's how to get them working on a Kindle.

How good are the deals on Prime Day? Not as good as Black Friday

We may be getting a bit ahead of ourselves when it comes to announcing these Prime Day prices as the lowest of the low. If you're really looking to save some money, you probably want to hold out for Black Friday.

Amazon’s Echo now allows users to default to Spotify or Pandora

Instead of only playing music from Amazon Prime Music, unless specified otherwise, Amazon's Echo now allows users to set the device's default music player to either Spotify or Pandora. The new feature rolled out this week.

Is Amazon opening a brick-and-mortar store in New York City?

It's a city already known for its bookstores, but now, the Strand and Brazenhead may have some unexpected corporate competition. No, it's not another Barnes & Noble -- it's Amazon.

Amazon’s 2nd annual Prime Day is coming — here’s everything you need to know

On July 12, 2016, Amazon will launch its second annual Prime Day, offering Amazon Prime users deals on hundreds of items. But don't waste your time sifting through the bad deals; we'll be highlighting the best of them for you.

Want free Wi-Fi access for six months? Download Boingo's app via Amazon Underground

If you download Boingo's app via Amazon Underground, you'll get a six-month subscription to Boingo's Wi-Fi hot spots around the country. That means no more paying fees after only using a half hour of free internet access.