Amazon quietly shutters its Destinations travel service after just six months

Launched by Amazon six months ago, Destinations was designed to help customers find hotels for short getaways close to home. Seems like there wasn't enough interest, however, as the company has just shut it down.

Amazon keen to know if its corporate staffers are feeling any better yet

Following a damning report over the summer suggesting life for corporate staffers at Amazon was tough in the extreme, the firm has been rapidly expanding a program that encourages employees to submit feedback about their work life on a…
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The ’80s meets HDR in the new comedy Red Oaks, on Amazon Prime now

Amazon original dramedy Red Oaks premieres today on the service, with all 10 episodes of the show's first season now available. The series follows the comedic trials and tribulations of young NYU student David Meyers on summer break in…

Amazon takes on Etsy with ‘Handmade’ storefront for artisan goods 0:30

Amazon continues to expand its already massive business with the launch on Thursday of Handmade, a new storefront where artisans can sell their hand-crafted goods. If you think that sounds a lot like Etsy, then you'd be absolutely…
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Move over Sling TV? Amazon may create live TV service to compete against cable

Definitely a streaming service that would have the potential to take a bite out of cable companies, Amazon is considering the possibility of offering a live TV subscription service like Sling TV.
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Amazon gets streaming rights for The Good Wife writers’ new series BrainDead

Amazon has snagged exclusive streaming rights for the upcoming CBS series BrainDead. Created by the team behind The Good Wife, Robert and Michelle King, each episode of the show will premiere on Amazon four days after it airs.
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Amazon will cease sales of Apple TV and Chromecast near the end of October

Those planning to buy an Apple TV or Chromecast will have to look somewhere besides Amazon soon. Amazon has confirmed that it will no longer sell the devices starting Oct. 29, as they don't "interact well" with Prime Video.

Washing machines can order more detergent thanks to Amazon’s new Dash partners

Samsung, GE, Obe, and several more companies have joined Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service. That means they will start making devices that automatically order supplies of detergent, dog food, and more when you're running low.
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Amazon’s Prime Video inks inclusive deal for three upcoming CBS series

While Netflix has made some big, splashy news of late, don't forget about Amazon's Prime Video, which has built up an impressive slate of exclusives and won't be lying down for the competition any time soon.
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Amazon’s Back to the Future 30th anniversary celebration is totally McFly

Marty and Doc are coming to Amazon Prime! In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future, Amazon is allowing Prime members to stream or download the trilogy for free for the entire month of October.

Amazon’s new ‘Flex’ delivery scheme is like Uber for packages

Amazon is asking regular folks to help it deliver packages to Prime members. Flex, which has just launched in Seattle, offers on-demand drivers the chance to make deliveries for between $18 and $25 an hour.
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Amazon’s fall pilot season to test 6 projects, feature big-name casts and crews

With Amazon's fall pilot season almost here, the online retail giant has announced its lineup of six pilots. Each project boasts a talented cast and crew, with high-profile players involved including Sacha Baron Cohen, Louis CK, and even…