Amazon bans customer for returning too many items, apparently

Amazon isn't known for suddenly closing accounts without good reason, but one online shopper in the UK claims the online giant has kicked him off the site simply for returning 37 items over the last two years.

Amazon launches Cable Store, helps Comcast sell Xfinity bundles

Perhaps ideal for anyone that wants to earn an Amazon give card while signing up for cable, Amazon's new Cable Store launched this week and has started selling Comcast Xfinity bundles through the retail site.
Home Theater

Doctor Who is coming to Amazon Prime thanks to a deal with the BBC

Amazon has secured exclusive North American streaming rights to Doctor Who. The first eight seasons will be available for free Prime streaming now that the BBC's previous licensing deals have expired and a new one has been reached with the…

Update your Kindle by March 22, Amazon says

Own a Kindle? Listen up -- this one's relevant to you. If you were an early adopter of one of these popular e-readers, you've got to update your software, and we mean stat. Otherwise your trusty device may go kaput.

Fitbit teams up with Alexa to offer voice-activated fitness data

If you thought finding out how your activity levels were doing was a chore, now you can just ask your local Amazon Echo or Tap device and it can tell you, because the Alexa back-end now supports Fitbit.
Movies & TV

Several more stars join cast of Woody Allen's Amazon TV series

The cast of Woody Allen's Amazon TV series is still growing. Several more actors have been announced, including Michael Rapaport, Becky Ann Barker, and Lewis Black. They join a group that includes Miley Cyrus, John Magaro, and more.

Go on a shopping spree when you trade in your phone at Amazon

Thanks to the Amazon's Trade-In program, you can be rid of your aged device and be rewarded with an Amazon gift card. Given that you can now buy just about everything in the world from the online retailer, that gift card is like cash.

Amazon wants you to smile for the camera every time you make a purchase

Amazon's latest patent means that you might not have to type in a long, boring password the next time you need to make a purchase. Just smile for the camera and take a selfie instead.

You can now pay off your Capital One card with Alexa

Thanks to a new Capital One integration, Amazon Echo owners will now be able to pay off their debts and access account information, all via voice commands. So go on that shopping spree you know you so deserve.

Amazon is leasing a fleet of 20 Boeing cargo planes to help deliver your stuff faster

Amazon's plans to take over the world are taking to the skies. On Wednesday, Air Transport Services Group Inc. confirmed that the Internet giant signed a lease involving no fewer than 20 Boeing 767 freighter planes.

Amazon Japan now offers international shipment for games, simplifying imports

There are plenty of video games and special edition consoles that never make their way out of Japan. Whether you're a collector or just covet a particular game, your life just got easier, as Amazon Japan now ships games internationally.

Amazon job listing indicates a 3D VR video platform is on the way

Could Amazon's Prime Instant video service be making its way to virtual reality headsets, complete with stereoscopic 3D functionality? This GlassDoor job opening seems to suggest so.