Amazon may have a secret mission to take on UPS and Fedex

Amazon is reportedly considering developing its own independent shipping business that would control the flow of goods from manufacturers straight to consumers' homes, Bloomberg reports.

Amazon just launched its sommelier service in Japan

There may only be 229 grand sommeliers in the world, but Amazon may be giving them all a run for their money. Amazon's newest virtual service in Japan is a free phone consultation with certified sommeliers.

Amazon gets in on gaming with Lumberyard, a free engine to rival Unreal and Unity

Unreal Engine and Unity have suddenly got a new competitor. Amazon Lumberyard is a new free game engine with built-in support for Amazon's cloud services and its Twitch streaming service.
Cool Tech

Amazon’s first Super Bowl ad campaign puts Echo on display 0:30

Amazon's voice controlled digital assistant saw an official release last summer. With its new Super Bowl ad campaign the company is trying to show the difference between Echo and your average smartphone assistant.
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Spotify now available on the Amazon Echo, but you need to be a Premium subscriber

Since its launch, more features have been coming to Amazon's Echo. Now you can play music by simply saying "Alexa, play Spotify." There is a catch, though: you'll need to subscribe to Spotify Premium.

Study says Amazon deliveries are taking longer for those who don’t have Prime

Have your deliveries from Amazon seemed to be taking longer lately? It might not be your imagination. A new study shows that Amazon deliveries are taking longer for those who aren't members of its $99-per-year Prime service.

Amazon reportedly gearing up to take on Spotify with improved music service

Prime Music can't compete with Spotify, but that doesn't mean that Amazon can't. The company is reportedly working on a new standalone music streaming service, separate from Prime Music, in order to compete directly with Spotify and Apple…

Amazon’s overall earnings disappoint, but its server business is looking just fine

Amazon's overall Q4 2015 earnings disappointed investors, but a growing part of its business -- Amazon Web Services -- continues to beat expectations. The division earned $2.41 billion in Q4, an impressive 69 percent jump since last year.

Is Amazon trying to sabotage Google’s Android, despite relying on it?

The Fire Phone was an absolute flop, but that might not stop Amazon from making another go at a smartphone. According to a report, the company wants to offer a complete software solution to smartphone manufacturers.

The key to ‘hacking’ Amazon accounts? Persistence

You can have the longest password in the world, but it won't protect you from social engineering, especially if the customer support is anything like Amazon's, which apparently gives out data with very lax security checks.
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You can now ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa about movie showtimes and live NFL scores

Alexa, the handy virtual assistant inhabiting the Amazon Echo, just keeps getting smarter. Now you can ask Alexa for movie showtimes, live NFL scores, and even who is expected to win Super Bowl 50.