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Amazon is rumored to be working on an Echo successor with a touchscreen

While Amazon's Alexa-powered devices like the Echo and Tap have been fairly similar, its next model in the family could be quite different, as it will reportedly feature a touchscreen.
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Five shows to stream this week: The Gilmore girls and ‘Top Gear’ boys are back in town

How are you going to get through this week? By following our guide to the finest films and TV shows available now, of course. On the list this week: the 'Gilmore Girls' revival, the premiere of 'The Grand Tour,' and more.

Could Amazon be nearing global domination with acquisition?

Now that it's selling just about everything in the world, it wants to be everywhere in the world, too. As per a new report from Bloomberg, Amazon is in negotiations to acquired FZ, Dubai-based ecommerce giant.

Amazon is taking big steps to reduce crummy reviews

Amazon user reviews have come under fire for their authenticity, and the Seattle based e-commerce giant is taking steps to insure that product reviews are legit. When it comes to verified purchases, there are no limits.

China takes on Amazon’s Echo with the LingLong DingDong smart home device

China’s smart home market is anticipated to reach $22.8 billion by 2018, so it’s no wonder they have their virtual assistant. The LingLong DingDong is China’s answer the Amazon Echo with Alexa.

Amazon has dumped ‘incentivized’ reviews, but product ratings aren’t changing much

Amazon products' overall star ratings are based on 'verified purchasers,' not on incentivized reviews, in most cases. The perception that companies could influence ratings was enough to justify sweeping through and deleting Inventivized…

Control the new Neato smart vacuum by voice via Alexa

With consumers moving toward smart devices, Neato Robotics has launched a robot vacuum that can be connected to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. With the Neato vacuum, cleaning your home is as simple as saying, “Alexa, clean my…

Asus ROG’s G701VI laptop hits Amazon, sells quickly despite hefty price

The Asus Republic of Gamers G701VI laptop has finally arrived after making its debut earlier this month. This PC gaming laptop is available on Amazon now, but is selling fast despite its hefty $3,100 price tag.

Amazon looks into live sports as it plots global launch

Amazon is taking another step toward satisfying cord cutters' every television need by potentially offering its customers access to live sports. The company has held negotiations for live game rights with industry giants like the NBA, MLB…
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Five shows to stream this week: ‘Creed,’ ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ and more

How are you going to get through this week? By following our guide to the finest films and TV shows available now, of course. On the list this week: 'Creed,' 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,' and more.

Amazon customers will be able to buy Fiat Chrysler cars with an online discount

Starting in Italy with three Fiat models, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is partnering with Amazon to sell cars online. Fiat wants to appeal to bargain seekers who prefer to shop from home. Fiat will increase promotions up to 33 percent for…
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Amazon’s Black Friday starts early with Alexa ‘voice shopping weekend’ 2:18

Black Friday deals kick off early this year. With special Alexa only deals, Amazon kicks off the first 'voice shopping weekend' exclusively for owners of Alexa enabled devices.