Cool Tech

‘Drones are more like horses than cars’ – Amazon exec talks Prime Air

Amazon has offered up new tidbits on its Prime Air drone. The company says it's actually developing several different drones to cope with different environments across the U.S., and that its sense-and-avoid tech means it'll be more like a…

Amazon begins selling devices and appliances that order their own supplies

Amazon on Tuesday activated its Dash Replenishment Service, a system that allows compatible smart devices around the home to reorder supplies so you don't have to. That's right, you'll be ordering stuff without even knowing about it.

The Amazon Echo will now narrate your books for you with Alexa

Bedtime stories were once the domain of loving mothers, but now, a different female voice will be reading aloud to you. Amazon's Alexa can now narrate Kindle books by way of the Echo -- simply say, "Alex, read [insert Kindle title here]."
Movies & TV

Amazon cuts Prime pricing, lets Mozart in the Jungle loose for free

After winning two more Golden Globes for its series "Mozart in the Jungle", Amazon has made both seasons of the series free to stream for anyone this weekend. Amazon Prime memberships also get discounted to $73 during the limited time…
Home Theater

Amazon ushers the 4K revolution forward with pre-orders for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs

Those eagerly awaiting the release of 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays can rest assured that we're getting closer. Amazon now has several titles available for pre-order, including The Martian, which will be released on March 1.

Amazon Prime now offers 20-percent discount on new and pre-ordered video games

Amazon announced Tuesday that Amazon Prime subscribers will now receive a 20 percent discount on new and pre-ordered video games. The discount applies to physical copies of any game purchased before its release date, or up to two weeks…
CES 2016

Amazon will offer a one-stop shopping hub on the CES showroom floor

CES 2016 is right around the corner, and to help out, we're working with Amazon to provide you with complete coverage of everything from the show floor. The Amazon's CES Showcase gives you quick access to the latest reviews, interviews…
Home Theater

Amazon makes Oscar push; plans to produce 16 films in 2016

Amazon's ambitious CEO Jeff Bezos told German publication Die Welt that the company wants to add an Oscar to Amazon Prime Instant Video's list of awards. He says the company plans to produce 16 films in 2016.

FedEx says an ‘unprecedented’ surge in online shopping caused Christmas delays

FedEx said an "unprecedented" last-minute surge in online shopping, as well as bad weather, caused delays to its Christmas deliveries. The company paid thousands of workers to make extra deliveries on Christmas Day in a bid to clear the…

More pay than pals: Paypal processes $8,733 every second

According to recent report, the leading online payment processor PayPal is currently handling more than $8,000 in transactions every second of every day. That's a 140 percent increase from 2011.
Movies & TV

Ridley Scott's The Man in the High Castle is Amazon's most streamed original series

The Man in the High Castle, a period drama that looks at an alternate universe whereby the Axis won World War II instead of the Allies, has become the most-streamed original series from Amazon, taking the title from Bosch.