Cool Tech

New AI program could help drones avoid flying over big crowds

A startup is looking to make drone flight safer through artificial intelligence that identifies hazardous weather and even crowds of people. Flock is developing a program to help commercial drone pilots choose the safest route.

Amazon Japan accused of using its power for evil, has its offices raided

The Japan Fair Trade Commission conducted an on-site inspection of Amazon Japan's offices, with the agency accusing Amazon's Japanese arm of unfair business practices. It is unknown what course of action the FTC will take next.

BMW set to make Amazon’s Alexa your back-seat driver this fall

It's just good sense to let Amazon Echo's Alexa control not only your smart home, but your car as well. And now, if that car is a BMW, Alexa will do just that. Come September, Alexa will be your go-to digital assistant on the road.
Home Theater

Waiting for some new Amazon shows? They’re set to debut on Twitch for 24 hours

It's been nearly two years since Amazon bought live video-game-streaming site Twitch for almost $1 billion. Now, the online retail giant is making moves with its acquisition, using the platform to premiere its new pilot shows.

Ten handy Amazon Fire tablet tips and tricks

The Amazon's Fire tablet is more capable than you might expect. Here are 10 useful tips and tricks to help you wring the most of Amazon's latest flagship, whether you want to enable parental controls or disable pesky notifications.

Reunited: Target resumes sales of Amazon's devices after a four-year hiatus

After a four-year hiatus, Target has resumed sales of Amazon's devices, with the devices now available for purchase through Target's website. They will make their way to physical store shelves this fall.
Movies & TV

‘Friends’ co-creator rolls out new HBO mini-series starring Natalie Portman

Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Grace & Frankie, is busy working on two new projects, including an HBO miniseries in which Natalie Portman will star, and the adaptation of a popular Israeli show for streaming site Amazon

Amazon’s new cargo plane is clear to land

Not to be confused with its delivery drone of the same name, Amazon's just-launched "Prime Air" flying machine is actually a Boeing 767 jet, part of a new fleet that the company hopes will enable faster delivery speeds for its…

Amazon expanding Dash with new partners that monitor and refill medication

Amazon DRS support already includes Brita filters, Brother printers, and Whirlpool washer and dryers. Today the firm announced it is adding several new devices and brands to the DRS family.

Walmart buys in a move that ups the ante against Amazon

Likely attempting to make it easier for Walmart consumers to purchase items in bulk, and to improve its ability to compete against Amazon, the retail giant has acquired for over $3 billion.

Amazon offers new tools for developing interactive adventure games on Alexa

Who says Amazon Alexa is only for your smart home needs? Now, it's for gamers, too. On Tuesday, the web giant released a little something special for its developers -- the ability to create voice-based games on Alexa.
Cool Tech

Amazon’s smart noise-cancellation switch could literally be a lifesaver

A patent granted to Amazon enables noise cancellation suspension based on keywords, audible, and non-audible signals. The technology could be programmed to respond to your name, an alarm, or a peripheral signal.