Android Apps

Want to build an Android app? Google and Udacity launch Android Basics Nanodegree

If you think you could have the next big Android app idea, perhaps you should learn the basics of coding with this nanodegree from Google and Udacity. If you're willing to pay a cool $200 per month, that is.

Google brings Android apps to Chrome OS, starting with the Asus Flip Chromebook

Asus Flip owners finally have access to Google Play and Android apps. This means all sorts of things, like Skype video calls, are now possible in Chrome OS, not to mention more than a few thousand games you couldn't otherwise play.

How to kill Android apps and tasks running in the background

Are you having issues with your Android smartphone or tablet? Do you suspect there’s a rogue Android app running in the background? This guide will show you how to check and what you can do about it.

Download these 5 great apps to get free stuff, improve Live Photos, and get fit

Looking for some new apps to download? We've got one that can improve Live Photos, an app that makes sharing your voice easier, and one that gives you free stuff every Tuesday (if you're on T-Mobile).

Download these five apps to share with groups, track your friends, and more

Every week we peruse the various app stores to find let you know what's worth downloading. This week's top five includes an app to boost creativity, share content to your friend groups, and more.

Download these great apps: Gboard, Opera VPN, Dark Sky, and more

This week's top apps of the week include a mobile rendition of Uncharted's Nathan Drake, and a new keyboard from Google. Google I/O is also out this week, so don't forget to download the official app.

Download these five great apps to send GIFs, wake up to The Rock, and more

Every week we hunt through the various app stores to find you the best to download. This week, we've got an alarm clock app from The Rock himself, a GIF keyboard from Giphy, and more.

Download these five awesome new apps for iOS and Android

Another week has gone by, but it brought us a handful of new apps to try. This week's list has an app that will reward you for donating to charity, as well as a calendar app that tells you the ongoings of our planetary system.

Download these five apps of the week

Every week we hunt for apps through the various app stores to find you something new -- take a look at this week's top five, which includes an app that will deliver pizza for you; and Microsoft's popular Hub Keyboard.

Download these 5 hot new apps: Reddit, Miitomo, Lego Jurassic World, and more

Need a game to kill some time? Lego Jurassic World has landed on iOS and Android -- and lets you hunt as a dinosaur. Also, check out Reddit's new app, a minimalist writing app, and more.

Download these 5 awesome new apps for iOS and Android

Hesitant to try investing in stocks? Try Stash, which is aiming to make the process less confusing. In fact, go ahead and try out all of our apps of the week. We found one that can translate what your cat says, too!

Check out these five apps of the week

Looking for new apps to download? Pick from these top five of the week, ranging from one that will file your taxes, one that will add more security to the websites you visit, to one that can deliver some dinner tonight.