Take team productivity to next level with best collaboration apps for iOS, Android

If you're running a business, or merely trying to get a team of people on the same page, then you probably need a way to properly collaborate. Luckily, these apps that will allow you to take your collaboration, and productivity, to the next…

How to clear your browsing history on your iPhone or Android device

As you browse the internet, websites will leave temporary internet files, as well as cookies, on your smartphone. Sometimes, you want to get rid of these files to clean up your browser's history. Here's how.

Meitu's flagship smartphone uses AI to make your selfies the best they can be

The Meitu T8, the Chinese smartphone maker's upcoming flagship, is ostensibly the first in the world to use dual-pixel technology in the front camera. It improves autofocus and lighting, and will even whiten your teeth in selfies.

The Nokia 8 was just listed on -- could its release be imminent?

Rumor has it that up to seven Android handsets bearing the Nokia brand name will be released in 2017. Rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming devices have been gradually appearing.

How to record calls on your Android phone

Sometimes you need to record a phone call, whether it be for legal reasons or simply for future reference. Thankfully, there are a few ways to go about doing so on your Android phone, including Google Voice.

BlackBerry hits rock bottom in phone market

BlackBerry ended 2016 on a low note as the Canadian firm captured 0.0 percent of the smartphone market. In response, BlackBerry doubled down on its focus on software development and licensing.

What did you think of the Pixel’s design? Google wants to know

The product lead for Google's smartphone took to the company's Pixel User Community on Thursday to ask customers what they liked about the design of its first handset, and what they thought could be done better.
Android Army

New Android virus poses as an Adobe Flash Player update

A newly discovered strain of Android malware spreads by posing as an update to Adobe's discontinued Flash Player mobile web plugin. It has been detected on an increasing number of handsets.

FaceApp uses neural networks to change your look, now available on Android

The new app uses neural networks to alter the content of your face, adding a smile or making you look older, while keeping things photorealistic. In theory, anyway. In practice, it may not quite be there yet, but it's still worth a laugh.

Google’s virus-scanning Verify Apps feature for Android now reveals its secrets

Verify Apps, the Android tool that checks new and installed software against a list of known malware, is now a little more transparent about what it's scanning. The update's appearing for some Android device users.

'Fire Emblem: Heroes' update brings new chapter, with more expected to follow

Nintendo's free-to-play mobile game Fire Emblem: Heroes has updated with a new selection of playable heroes, along with an additional storyline chapter that runs parallel to the game's core campaign.

The Google Assistant can now call up personal info via Allo

The Google Assistant, Google's eponymous personal helper, can now call up and share info in the Allo app for Android. It's the first of Google's platforms to gain the new features.