New Remix OS Player will create a virtual Android desktop on your Windows PC

Jide Technology has released Remix OS Player, a new Android emulator that creates a virtual Android 6.0.1 desktop within the Windows environment for free. It doesn't appear to install directly into Windows, consuming over 6GB of…

Microsoft's new Outlook inherits a few of Sunrise's most popular features

A major new version of Microsoft's Outlook client on Android and iOS borrows a few of the most popular features from Sunrise, the calendar app the company acquired in February of last year.

Google will give you up to $200K if you can hack the newest version of Android

Google's new security contest for Android, Project Zero, will see lucky entrants awarded up to $200,000 for disclosing bugs in the company's mobile OS. It launched Wednesday.

Android 7.0 Nougat is out, but Marshmallow is only on 18.7 percent of all Android devices

Android 7.0 Nougat is here, but Android 6.0 Marshmallow has only just hit 18.7 percent of all Android devices. These monthly numbers highlight Android's biggest issue: fragmentation.

Windows 10 Mobile reaches 14-percent share of Windows Phone market

Windows 10 Mobile seems to be gaining some traction, and has jumped to a 14-percent market share within the overall Windows Phone market. But that still puts it far behind iOS and Android.

Microsoft to reportedly end sales of Lumia by end of year

According to a source within Microsoft to WinBeta, Microsoft will be ending the Lumia brand later this year. This could mean that Microsoft would be re-entering the mobile space with a different phone.

Samsung's 2017 Galaxy A7 may have a 16-megapixel front camera

Samsung may be gearing up to announce a 2017 variant of the Galaxy A7 later this year. It's rumored to have a 16-megapixel camera on both the front and the rear, though it's unlikely the device will see a global rollout.

Camera360 Lite became Google Play’s No. 2 photo app in under a month

As apps become more advanced, they become larger -- and slower. The Camera360 Lite app is designed to fight the trend of slow photo apps. Despite the smaller size, the app still includes a number of different tools and 100 filters.

You can now install Chrome extensions remotely from an Android device

A new Chrome Web Store feature allows you to install games and apps to signed-in devices remotely, from an Android smartphone or tablet. It's rolling out in the coming weeks.

Google's Wi-Fi Assistant is rolling out now to non-Project Fi Nexus devices

Google's intelligent Wi-Fi switching tech is rolling out to non-Project Fi Nexus devices. It automatically identifies and connects to public hot spots seamlessly in the background, via a virtual private network.

HomeKit app shows Android users are out of luck with Apple smart-home tech

Apple doesn't want its HomeKit app to play with Android phones. Its solution is for Apple smart homes to use a communal iPad to control everything, but that really doesn't deliver on the promise of a seamlessly connected home.

BlackBerry is the first major phone maker to patch QuadRooter exploits

A new Android vulnerability dubbed "Quadrooter" is perhaps the broadest ever. It affects more than 900 million devices containing widely distributed hardware by chipmaker Qualcomm.