Wileyfox brings Cyanogen to two mid-range phones for a great price

UK startup Wileyfox has announced two new smartphones running the popular Cyanogen 12.1 ROM, named the Storm and Swift. Both will be available for under $350 and come with premium specifications.

Not so secure after all — Android Lock Patterns are just as easy to crack as passwords

They might seem trickier, what with their dots and lines and patterns, but as it turns out, the lock codes familiar to Android users are just as easy to crack as the alphanumeric ones used by iPhone devotees.

Did Sony just tease the Xperia Z5 on Twitter?

It appears Sony may be continuing its awkward bi-yearly flagship smartphone launch schedule, if a new tweet hinting at the Xperia Z5 coming to IFA 2015 is to be believed. The company will reveal all during the IFA tech show next week.
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Cheap doesn’t have to mean dull, just look at this colorful smartphone from China

This cute, colorful smartphone comes from China and is surprisingly cheap at the equivalent of $140, proving low-cost doesn't have to mean dull and boring, plus it still has a strong specification.

What is the ‘Stagefright’ hack? How to defend yourself 1:32

More than 950 million Android phones are vulnerable to a new hack utilizing bugs found in the Stagefright media playback tool. Here's everything you need to know about it and how to defend yourself.

How to transfer your contacts between iPhone and Android 1:55

There's nothing worse than getting a new phone and realizing you don't have any of your old contacts listed. Luckily, it's an easy problem to solve. Here's how to transfer your contact list to your new device.

Cortana is now offering assistance to Android beta users too

If you're a beta user (or if you're willing to sign up) of Google's Android platform, you can download Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant now for free, giving you her full functionality on your Android device.

5 Best Android VPN apps for privacy and security

We take a look at the top five Android VPN apps, some VPN apps for Android that are worth a look, and discuss what to avoid in your quest for privacy and security. If you’re shopping for a new Android VPN app, come on in.

Samsung’s Note 5 and S6 Edge+ aggressively kill background tasks, according to videos

What good is 4GB of RAM if your smartphone can’t properly hold five apps in the background? That’s the question of concern in online discussions about the multitasking performance of Samsung’s newest smartphones, the Galaxy Note 5 and…

Android Pay tipped to launch this Wednesday

With Apple Pay already out in the wild and Samsung Pay hitting the U.S. in September, mobile payment fans have more choices than ever — and inside sources suggest Android Pay is imminent too.

Outrun glitches in Pac-Man 256 for mobile, from the makers of Crossy Road

Hipster Whale, creator of the mobile hit Crossy Road, has released Pac-Man 256, an endlessly scrolling arcade game for iOS and Android devices starring Namco's dot-gobbling mascot.

Xiaomi makes speed and battery life the priority in new MIUI 7 Android skin

Xiaomi has launched MIUI 7, the latest version of the skin it places over Android on its range of devices. There are several new features, and a new look which is faster and smoother than before.