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Angry Birds movie set to soar in 2016 with star-studded cast

Celebrating the milestone of one billion birds flung from its catapult, Rovio has revealed the cast list behind its forthcoming Angry Birds movie. The big names include Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, and Maya Rudolph.
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Robot learns how to play Angry Birds and helps children with disabilities in the process

At the Georgia Institute of Technology, researchers are using a humanoid robot, an Android tablet and "Angry Birds" to advance a project that will help the rehabilitation of children with disabilities.

Rovio and Hasbro team up for Angry Birds Transformers

Rovio and Hasbro announced new mobile game, toy line, and other products planned for partnership on Angry Birds Transformers mash-up franchise.

Jolla to release Sailfish launcher app for Android, so it’s easier to try the new mobile OS

Jolla has announced its Sailfish OS is about to reach version 1.0, and when it does, a separate launcher app for Android will be released, giving more people a chance to try the new mobile operating system.

Angry Birds creator claims no Internet devices may be safe from NSA

A new batch of documents leaked by Edward Snowden show that the National Security Agency and GCHQ, its counterpart in the UK, have been working to develop ways to access a wealth of personal data through so-called “leaky” apps.

Jetsetter: Angry Birds go Bollywood as Rovio tries to take India

This week in Jetsetter, we talk about how games change when they cross cultures and look at how the maker of Angry Birds is thinking about changing its game in India. Then we check in on a fast growing game maker in China who's partnered…

Rovio to launch Angry Birds Go! December 11, catapulting skills not required

Finnish game developer Rovio said Tuesday it'll launch its new Angry Birds Go! game on December 11, though the fact that it's a downhill racing game means your finely tuned catapulting skills will not be required.

Best Windows Phone Games

Microsoft might be a distant third in the mobile race, but that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of fun, addicting games for the Windows Phone. Check out our roundup of Best Windows Phone games.

This time, ‘Angry Birds’ are Going in a new direction

They've spent years taking down the greedy green pigs, but after five incarnations of the original game, Rovio is teasing a different gameplay in the new 'Angry Birds Go!' Is it enough to continue the franchise's momentum?

Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds’ feature film slingshots to theaters in July 2016

Sony wins worldwide distribution rights to an upcoming animated feature-length film based on the popular 'Angry Birds' series of mobile games. Producers from 'Iron Man' and 'Despicable Me' are on board to help Rovio Entertainment bring its…

Angry Birds creator Rovio to start publishing third-party games

Proving once again that Rovio is determined to move far beyond the success of Angry Birds, the game development company has announced it will being publishing, distributing, and marketing third- party apps under the new Rovio Stars program…

Rovio promises to sync ‘Angry Birds’ progress across platforms

The major drawback of gaming on mobile devices is that your saved progress is lost when you switch from tablet to smartphone. After a few years of industry domination, it seems Rovio has finally noticed the problem and reached a solution:…